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    Kate commented on the post, Saving the planet

    I think it’s great to see how some man’s individual work blossomed to make a huge difference in the world. It really goes to show how even the smallest thing we do has the potential to make a huge difference.

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    Kate commented on the post, Final Goodbye.

    I really enjoyed the poem. You were so vulnerable in the poem, and the emotion definitely came across. It’s easy to relate this to my own life. It was very moving, thank you for sharing.

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    Kate commented on the post, To an owl

    I really liked this poem. The imagery and the figurative language really made it a great poem. I liked the line “like Icarus, her wings fail her.” It really brings to mind another context to the owl that other people might not have thought about originally. It was a cool connection to another text.

  • I liked reading this post. I liked how you presented evidence from both sides of the argument to make a more educated decision. I agree that currently, it is too dangerous to send people to Mars. But after more research is done and it would be safer, it could be a good option for us in the future.

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    Kate commented on the post, little me to old me

    I really liked this writing. It really conveys what it feels like to look back on moments and think of what would have been good to do. It’s really cool to look back and see how our lives have improved as a result of the decisions we make. It’s always interesting to think of what we would tell our past selves.

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