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    Kate commented on the post, Fate is Real?

    This is a very interesting topic. Lauren. I liked your thought on how fate can be both comforting and something to blame. It shows how there are more aspects to it than what we normally think. An article that goes more into depth about this, and the advantages of believing in fate is this :…Read More

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    Kate commented on the post, This is my body

    This was a beautiful poem. I loved how you talked about how your body is a way in which you can change the world to become better. I liked your idea of how bodies help us to help people and improve their lives. I also think we can do the same things to improve our lives.

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    Kate commented on the post, Was it worth it?

    I completely agree with your argument. While the original plan was for “justice” and to “mold Afghanistan into a more modern society” as you said, we remained in Afghanistan for too long and there was unnecessary conflict because of it. I would’ve loved to hear more detail about what the US did in Afghanistan because you did such a good job at…Read More

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    Kate commented on the post, Don't Text And Drive

    I agree that texting while driving is a huge issue in our world. I’ve seen many people on the road at the same time as me texting while they’re driving and it’s scary because it’s unsafe. As you said, it’s easy to put your phone away and protect both yourself and others from unnecessary harm. Thanks for your writing, I look forward to reading more…Read More

  • This is a very interesting discussion post. I thought the information about how it was difficult to admit people into the hospitals because they were full of Covid patients was very interesting. It’s sometimes hard for us to realize that the hospitals could be too full to hold people, especially from two very serious situations.

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