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    Dear Jose Rivas,

    I am glad about your shadow box because it looks very nice. You did a great job on this. A sentence that stood out to me is ¨When people look at they would usually think I’m a Mexican but I’m a Guatemalan mixed with Salvadoran.Many people assume that I’m an immigrant,even though I’m American¨, because your saying the dominant…[Read more]

  • Dear, Ariana,

    I am happy about how your shadow box turned out. I know you didn’t have a lot of time to work on it, but you still worked hard and made your shadow box looked fantastic. I appreciate the work you put into that. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is ¨I see myself as a young independent person who is HONORED to be a Latina fe…[Read more]

  • My Shadow Box

    By: Kassandra Santillan

    (Outside of box) On the outside, it has images like people holding guns because since I’m from Oakland, “I must be violent; I must be in a gang”. There’s also an image o

    • I really love this project! You did very well on this. Stereotypes are pushed on us in the worst ways. As a woman, I understand the ones with the “perfect body” and a “slim waist”. I’ve always struggled with my self image due to the way society portrays us. You were very brave to share that information with us. I love seeing that you are completely different than how people see you. Love this!

    • Kassandra, thank you for sharing so much about yourself. The way you examined stereotypes and who you are at your core was admirable. The modern world holds us to high standards, and it’s often difficult to push past them and realize our individual worth. If you continue to focus on the good in yourself rather than the unreachable standards of society, you’ll find ultimate happiness. Thank you again!

    • Kassandra,
      I relate to your stereotypes presented about being a woman. I too feel like there is unnecessary pressure to conform when I can just do what I want. It is admirable how much you shared about yourself and I applaud you for being so vulnerable! By sharing your stereotypes that you feel, I feel more comfortable with myself. It is awesome how we feel the same things sometimes yet we are different in a lot of ways too!

    • Dear Kassandra.

      I am mesmerized by your eye catching shadow box. I love how you connected the outside quote “Eat Pretty” to your inside quote “EAT LIKE A GROWN UP”. This shows how you can find a counter narrative for every dominant narrative out in the world and prove those dominant narratives as simply a stereotype that doesn’t need to be true. Your cut out pieces of magazines are my favorite part of your shadow box because you took parts of things that look at daily at made it represent you and your beliefs. Your shadow truly represents what all women should see themselves as on a daily basis and it really warmed my heart to see those things on your shadow box. Thank you for writing about your powerful perspective on your life. Keep writing because it will bring a powerful life changing perspective to our world.

      Lupita Morales-Cordova=)

  • Dear, Adrian Kelly:

    I am happy about your paragraph, My True Identity: Adrian Kelly / shadow box, because It looks very pretty. I like the drawings you have there; You’re a good artist. It’s also pretty cool how you made your flags. You’re paragraph, also holds a lot of information about yourself, but it’s not too much. It’s simple so it’ll mak…[Read more]

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