• My backyard.The place where I spend almost my entire day,Playing with my dogs and cleaning up their mess,Picking up their toys and putting them all together,The smell of dog fills the air as long with their

  • I really like your description of the place, it reminds me of how me and my brother would go to our community park in the hot summer.

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    I really like your poem, i remember my rec. All the kids from the neighborhood would go there an hour after getting out of school. My rec had 2 old hispanic ladies who would have there little table and carp and would sell candy, corn inna cup, juices, and chips. There was never any gang activity there thankfully.

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    I love your story as well, grandmas house is where everyone and they cousins go to hang out. Breakfast at my grandmas house was always very interesting considering it was 6 of us.

  • My American Creed

    My American Creed would be a strong Chicana, who will get through anything the world throws at her. Growing up my mother taught me to never depend on anyone, get your education and how you

  • I agree with Kalina your pictures are so beautiful. I remember going to Puebla only when i was younger, I haven’t visited in quite a long time. About 2 years ago i went to Mexico City and then Michoacán. You visit such beautiful and historic places, and get to learn more about your culture.

  • I really like your post. The Ocean is such a calming yet mysterious thing. Only 5% of the Ocean has been discovered. Imagine all the creatures that exists that we don’t know about.

  • Your pictures have good quality, hopefully one day I can take a long peaceful walk there.

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    i really like that you decided to right your essay on respect because personally i feel like these newer generations are being raised with the lack of knowledge of what respect is and how much it is needed every day. I see how elder people get on the bus and it’s already packed with young people and not one person gives up there seat that’s…[Read more]

  • girl omg you are so brave for sharing such a harsh part of your life, you’re so strong i would never have the guts to put something personal out there and i admire you so much for it. I love how you grew from all of that negative stuff and I’m super happy for you and may your relationship last many many years. Thank you for sharing you story. I…[Read more]

  • I believe people shouldn’t be judged or treated differently because of their skin color. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed because of where you come from. Your culture shouldn’t be hidden. You should embrace it. T

    • Kasandra
      I really liked an enjoyed that you decided to write on Chicano pride. As you stated in your post above, “I believe people shouldn’t be judged or treated differently because of their skin color. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed because of where you come from. Your culture shouldn’t be hidden.” And it’s very true. It is sad to see how some people, and since we are talking about the Hispanic culture, are ashamed of being part of a certain culture. I know that I proudly am part of the Hispanic culture. Como dices, el respeto y la dignidad es una parte muy grande en nuestra cultura. Teniendo respeto por tus mayores y otras personas que no conoces es muy importante.
      Overall, I really enjoyed reading this. It make me happy to see that there are students out there, trying to show the world that being part of a certain culture shouldn’t make you be ashamed. Maybe perhaps in the future you could write about perhaps what are the effects of Hispanic culture in the United States and see if there are positive or negative effects on the American culture.

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