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    Dear Dr. Kyla Johnson Trammell:

    We are a group of high school students at Life Academy Of Health and Bioscience. We are writing to you because there have been serious incidents of bullying at schools and

    Stop Bullying Now

    Authors Dear Dr. Kyla Johnson Trammell: We are a group of high school students at Life Academy Of Health and Bioscience....

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    • Hello everyone.

      My name is rigoberto and I am a student at Fremont High School here in Oakland. I just read your project blog post and I have some feedback.
      One thing I liked about what you wrote was you guys checked in with the ousd and i like that because i never heard of other school’s checking in with the ousd. And my elementary school and middle school never done that before.

      Something I have a question about is what do you mean by spreading words.

      Thank you for sharing your project!

    • This is a really great article and a great way to show bullying needs to be stopped

    • I really agree that now in days people really don’t care about students that get bullied and that’s bad because like you said it damages their head, they think different and want to commit suicide. A question I have is what can we do to make a difference like if no one is paying attention to what happens then there wouldn’t be a point to do anything that why I am asking you what can we do to change everything ?

    • I want to start off by saying what a good post this is. Not a lot of people like to bring up bullying and discuss how it is a major problem. This is a good way to show how we can stop bullying.

    • This is a great article and a way to talk about the issue of bullying in schools. I like how the article had included OUSD which is where I apply to and its great that it talks about something I apply to and should be aware of.

    • Much appreciation to you for choosing to write about this. This is a topic many student in the OUSD or a part of any school community can relate to.

    • A lot of emphasis and revisiting of the whole “bullying can lead to depression which can lead to suicide” it makes sense to bring a lot of attention to the topic as bullying the second reason for people to become depressed.

    • Im Carlos and what I got too say is STOP BULLYING SPEAK UP !!!

    • This was a great article! and in a good way to get bullying to stop.

    • My name is Maryrose and I’m in 10th grade at Unity High School. I think this was well written and gets people feel that there is still room and more chances to improve community to be a safer place. I have one question being, Why the hashtag? What will the hashtag do to help our community? Overall, I still support you and your ideas.

    • Hello everyone my name is Valeria, this is a well written article and It shows grate reasons why bullying needs to stop.

    • My name is Melissa and I am a sophomore at Oakland Unity High School. I want to start off by saying that I really appreciate the fact that you chose to write about bullying because I know that it’s a subject that many people don’t like to to talk about. I liked how you introduced your schools plan to help bring more attention to try and help stop bullying. But, my question is in the future do you plan on doing something yourself outside of school to further help the cause?

    • I appreciate you for writing about this topic, bullying is a serious problem in today’s society, this needs to STOP!

    • I liked what your article did, and I really liked that you called out that school for not updating its information on bullying, however, I don’t feel as though this article is looking at the issue in the right way. It is extremely easy to say that bullying is bad, and I think that it is similar to having the bravery to say that murder isn’t good. I think that you should focus on bystanders who don’t do anything. I was the focus of bullying for years, and what hurt the most was when my friends would watch the show when I would get beaten, just because they didn’t know what to do. This is essay lacks in this department, and I think that you bring up the same points too many times in a row. I get that bullying can get to suicide, you don’t have to say it that many times if you don’t add a statistic or some additional information that reinforcing the point. I am all for the structure of reinforcing a point repetitively, but suicide is a hot-button issue and will naturally stick out, leading to repeating it only weakening the argument. Also, I think using a week of school to stop bullying is a little funny. Most people who bully others nowadays do it inadvertently, which would then be not defined as bullying. I know that this has been long and I thank you for reading to this point, if you have.

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    Karyme wrote a new post

    Some people may argue that animal testing does not benefit people, people believe animals are just some regular creatures that live in this world to make Earth a better place. Some people are not informed why

    Does animal testing and experimentation benefit people?

    Some people may argue that animal testing does not benefit people, people believe animals are just some regular creatures that live in this world to make Earth a better place. Some people are not informed why animals are helpful...

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  • Dear Rosario of Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018,
    I am honoring your post ¨Reflecting on the Significance of My Name in 2018¨ because Iḿ amazed by how fearful you are to write/share about your own personal life and your brother passing away and Iḿ sorry for your lost. I also love how you went to Talpa because I always go th…Read More

  • Thank you for having the time to read my post. Have you ever written a blog about your community if not what would you write about?

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    Dear, Kimberly of gentrification hurts Oakland

    I am amazed by your post about gentrification hurts Oakland because it is a problem that has been going on for years. I agree that gentrification has been happening because of the increase of money. Also the level of wealthy and poor people because wealthier people privilege their power over money…Read More

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