• Dereka, I agree with your stance on the topic, but it would be nice to see more development on your thoughts on it. I feel like the kind of people who would partake in performative allyship would not be convinced that what they’re doing is pointless without supporting evidence.

    Also I wonder, what forms of activism do you personally advocate for?

  • As a nation, as America, we should value practicality more. There are times when people allow their personal feelings to shroud the practicality of their actions and politics, because they refuse to acknowledge

    • Basil,

      I agree with many of the things you say here. People tend to think that their opinion is the only one that should matter, that they are always right, and that everyone else should think like they do. I did a short author bio on David Sedaris, and while I believe that what he said about not using the right to get married to whoever you want is not very smart (as he later realized), I also like what you said about it being “impractical”. Even if that was the right thing to do, it would be extremely impractical (as you pointed out), as if people have the right to do something or if no law forbids it, then most of the time someone will partake in this thing.

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  • I do agree on your stance that society as a whole is being desensitized to rape, however I don’t think your post serves well in supporting your claim. While the statistics are important to know, it doesn’t prove that we are desensitized, just that there’s a rise in this specific crime. The anecdotal evidence you bring up is relevant to the point,…[Read more]

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