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  • Amarylis,

    I really like how you started your post because I agree that communication is a big part of our lives and holds great significance. I also liked how each piece of evidence and every sentence flowed very well with each other. Your evidence is strong and you also included your works cited which is super helpful if I wanted to go and…Read More

  • Karla wrote a new post

    The Power of Language through Texting

    There are numerous ways one can express their feelings whether it be through talking, singing, acting, or writing. I believe that in our world today, writing is a big part of our lives.  And not the kind that requires...

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    • Dear Karla,

      I am very interested in your post because it perfectly describes the significance of texting in the lives of younger generations today. It really caught my eye because it aligns with how I use this form of language and communication in my own life. One thing you said that stands out to me is “over the years, [LOL] has changed into almost a completely different meaning for kids. No one says LOL to actually mean that they’re laughing.” I think that this is a little saddening, as a simple acronym has lost its original meaning relating to humor. However, I do think that this is quite interesting to see because now it softens the blow of what would be an otherwise angry or aggressive text. Your post reminds me of how I use certain words, acronyms, or punctuation to change the tone of my message. For example, I will usually add a period at the end of my text to convey that message is a serious matter. Like you stated in your post, I also use “lol” or “hahaha” to ease tension or add a lighter tone to my message.

      Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I admire how you acknowledged the effects of newer generations and technology on the world and how our society is ever-changing because of the universality of certain forms of language and communication.

    • Karla,
      I love that you chose to expand your thoughts on this very relevant topic. I liked how you campared and contrasted the ways texting postively and negatively changes our ways of socializing.

  • Maya,
    I really enjoyed reading this blog post because it was filled with detailed information not only from facts but from your opinions as well. I like how you started off the post by letting the readers know what a single story is and how is can affect one’s life. The post was very detailed and easy to read. I also wrote about women and how t…Read More

  • Karla wrote a new post

    Single Stories and How Empathy Plays a Role in Identity

    According to author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “single stories” are perceptions we form about society and its individuals.“Adichie recounts her experiences as the subject of the ‘single stories' others have created about groups to which she belongs, as well as...

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    • Karla, I really enjoyed how you related the article about gender bias in sports to the ever-present gender bias in other areas of life as well. You provided really good evidence, utilizing TitleIX to get your point across and confirm your ideas. Prior to reading your article, I knew that this strong gender bias existed, yet was relatively unclear about the various facts. Because I wasn’t educated on the subject before reading your article, I lacked the proper empathy about this situation. Your post taught me a lot about the topic and, truly, allowed for further empathy from myself on the situation. This issue is a very important and prevalent issue in society today. In the majority of spaces, such as work, sports, etc., there is an extreme gender bias that needs to be addressed and fixed.

  • I really liked how you said that, “ this generation is really powerful and they are making changes” and then followed that statement with evidence like, “ I do entirely agree with you that the generations are not afraid to talk about issues and topics. They do research about it. Another reason I agree with you is because this generation stand…Read More



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