• A couple of months ago, I was sitting at the dinner table with my mom and dad. I was eating and they were just having a conversation as they went through the mail. “Lombriz, leeme esto” my dad said to me as he han

    • You bring up such an important point about bilingualism. To be truly bilingual, you need to be taught functional language in both Spanish and English. I’m sorry that we’re not helping you with that at Life Academy. This must have been such a frustrating experience for you. But, I’m glad that you and your dad were able to come to a place of empathy and resolution.

  • A last name is typically given to you by your father. It should be a name you’re proud to carry and represent. But how can you be proud to carry a “man’s” last name who left his family? Why couldn’t he take his

    • Kari your memoir to your last name is priceless because you talk to so positive about how your father gave you his last name and I like how your last name is very unique just like mine.

    • Karina-
      I was initially attracted to your article because of the title. I admire you sharing this part of your life, and I find your perspective very fascinating. If you’re interested I found this article https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/dec/28/why-shouldnt-children-have-mothers-surname about perspectives on surnames. I hope to see more writing from you soon.

    • I found your post very interesting but I have never thought of it like that. I feel that a last name or surname is only as important as the person carrying it, our society and many others put a large emphasis on our surnames but really why does it matter that much? your name is your name and you get to make it what you want rather or not its your family name.

    • Karina, I really enjoyed reading your post. The topic of last names is one that is very interesting to me. After reading your commentary about your last name, I began to think about mine, which eventually led me to researching about the topic. I think the ethics and psychology behind a person’s last name is very interesting and how it can influence a person’s life in more ways than one would think. If you are interested, take a peek at this article, you may find it enriching… https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/contemporary-psychoanalysis-in-action/201511/should-anyone-change-their-last-name-when-they

    • Dear, Karina
      Your post really stand out to me. It started with a very meaningful and strong hook. It made me read it all. I really enjoyed your post. One of your lines from your post that stood out to me is, But how can you be proud to carry a “man’s” last name who left his family? It really made me think of what you said, I agree with you because why carry a man name when he left, when you don’t even see him or know him so why resprend someone you never met or know. Also you post is strong and meaningful.
      Sincerely, Daniel

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