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    "Cartoon Physics, part 1" by Nick Flynn, Read by Karim Mansour

    Children under, say, ten, shouldn’t knowthat the universe is ever-expanding,   inexorably pushing into the vacuum, galaxies swallowed by galaxies, whole solar systems collapsing, all of itacted out in silence. At ten we are still learning the rules of cartoon animation, that if a man draws...

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    • Dear Karim:
      I am happy with your reading of Nick Flynn’s poem, “Cartoon Physics,part 1 ,” because the poem talks about the innocence of the child, where they can use their imagination to be whatever they want, but the real adult world isn’t the same.

      One line that stands out for me is, “that if a man runs off the edge of a cliff / he will not fall / until he notices his mistake.” I think this line is important because it is talking about the ignorance of adults. This line is a metaphor for everyday problems that adults have. They are too stubborn to admit their mistakes until it’s too late.

      Another line that stands out for me is, “Ten-year-olds should stick with burning houses, car wrecks, ships going down—earthbound, tangible disasters, arenas / where they can be heroes.” I think this line important because the poet is saying he would rather them stay in the cartoon world because it protects their innocence and child ignorance.

      Nick Flynn’s poem reminds me of a video that I once saw because it was talking about how the world looked so much brighter when we were children compared to how dull and grey it looks now that we’re older.

      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

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    I Remember

    I remember waking up everyday to use the bathroom first out of my siblings.  I remember coming home from school and smelling my mom's food from the hallway.  I remember when my brothers used to fight.  I remember when I used to...

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    Where I'm From

    I am from a  religious rug from dolls everywhere in the house  I am from the plaza  from where there's the most fresh air I am from where there's shawarma getting cooked  from a mom that's the boss of the house I am from where...

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    Karim commented on the post, Fading

    i like how you related oil and our society because its a big thing for us

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    Karim commented on the post, The Street We Walk

    i like how you made the poem sound like your telling a dream/story

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