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In the article, “Have We Become Too Reliant On Electronics”,  I learned that many people are conflicted with the fact that they are really reliant on technology. A lot of people tend to desire these electronics, even though they dont really need them. Many good things can be brought by electronics but there also comes a lot of bad things […]

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Screen Time; How much Should Children Have ?

In the article, “What Does Too Much Screen Time Do to Children’s Brains?” by Isabella, I was able to learn that due to a lot of screen exposure amongst young children it can cause many bad behaviors and habits. Children are becoming more antisocial due to these screens that are always in front of them, they would rather not face […]

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Overprotective Parents

In the article, “Growing Up”, I was able to learn that many children growing up aren’t able to learn things on their own and become unprepared for when they get older. The reason this happens is because parents become too overprotective, especially if you grow up in a certain household you have certain rules and things you can’t do until […]

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Malcolm X : His Legacy

In the article, “ The Eulogy Of Malcolm X” by Cristin I was able to learn that Malcom X was a very important figure to many people. When he sadly passed away many people showed up to the funeral and that was able to show how empowering Malcolm X had been throughout his time here. Malcom X wanted all African […]

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Discrimination In LGBTQ+

 In the article, “Discrimination Against The LGBTQ+ Community” I was able to learn that many people who come out tend to get harassed and mistreated, and some of them have to deal with this all the time within this society. This is an absolutely horrible situation that has been going on for a while now because this can lead to […]

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Haiti Disasters: How Bad Are They?

In the article, “Haiti Faces Series of Natural Disasters.” I learned that the earthquake was a huge devastation for many people. A lot of people ended up dying and many ended up in the hospital. To be specific more than 2,200 people had died and 12,000 or more were put in the hospital. Which was difficult to do because of […]

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Back To School Shopping , has it boosted the economy ?

In the article “Anticipating Back-to-School Shopping” I have learned that there has been a boost to the economy for back to school shopping, that there are good amount of reasons as to why this had happened and why it’s important but also reasons as to why it can affect back to school shopping in a negative way. The National Retail […]

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