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Dear Juan,  I am very interested in your post, “Do Not Believe Everything You See Online” because some people actually tend to think that everything on the internet isn't false information. I think its interesting that many people believe false information because they simply see some fact online and they...

Dear Emmy,  I am very interested in your post about the “Stanford Prison Experiment'' because I actually did research on this not too long ago. I didnt think that many people had heard about it until I ran into your post. This experiment was very interesting...

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  • January 11, 2022

Dear Isabella,  I am fascinated by your post, ¨Celebrities and Public Standards¨, because there are a few people who actually talk about this certain topic. It's also very fascinating because not a lot of people come to understand that these musicians live a tough life with constantly living up to...

Dear Jada,  I am fascinated by your post , “ Why am I so detached and aloof from people sometimes”  because I personally relate to it. I am just like you , an introvert, and I tend to think the same way you do, I like being in my own...

Dear Edward, I am very interested in your post "Fast Fashion: Who’s Job is it to ensure that products are ethically made?" because its informative to know that consumers can’t really do anything about the working conditions that people are in. This is interesting to me because some people don’t...

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