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    Haiti Disasters: How Bad Are They?

    In the article, “Haiti Faces Series of Natural Disasters.” I learned that the earthquake was a huge devastation for many people. A lot of people ended up dying and many ended up in the hospital. To be specific more...

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    • Dear Karen:

      I am completely shocked by your post “Haiti Disasters: How Bad Are They?” because it’s baffling how little news coverage this tragedy has gotten. I think more people should make an effort when it comes to educating themselves in regards to topics like these. 

      Something in particular that stood out to me was when you mentioned that the hatian people have faced the devastation of an earthquake prior to this recent one. This shows how much other nations suffer in regards to natural disasters. 

      Thank you for writing, I look forward to seeing more of your work later on due to the fact that you write with such compassion and sensitivity. Not to mention how you also implement factual information into your posts which makes it all the more informative.


    • This is a very interesting discussion post. I thought the information about how it was difficult to admit people into the hospitals because they were full of Covid patients was very interesting. It’s sometimes hard for us to realize that the hospitals could be too full to hold people, especially from two very serious situations.

    • Its really hard to read about things like this. Especially since Haiti has experienced so many natural disaster throughout the years. And since its not a very advanced county there are a lot of people that are currently living under the poverty level which makes it even harder to get access to basic things like medical help. Have you researched how all of this has impacted their economy? Ive also seen that apart from covid, the natural disasters, economic problems they have also been suffering from political issues as well.

    • This post is very interesting. The big earthquake this year claimed significantly less lives than the one in 2010. Why do you think that is? I looked up the statistics, and they say that 250,000 people died in the 2010 earthquake compared to roughly 2,200 people this year. Although natural disasters happen frequently, many people in the US are misinformed about these things. Its something we should be talking about more, but overall, this post helped me understand this situation more.

    • Reading and watching all that is happening to Haiti is absolutely devastating. It breaks my heart to see that this country continues have bad things happen to them. They’ve gone through so much and have to continuously heal from destruction.

  • Dear Jada, 
    I am fascinated by your post , “ Why am I so detached and aloof from people sometimes”  because I personally relate to it. I am just like you , an introvert, and I tend to think the same way you do, I like being in my own personal bubble with my own thoughts and such. This is just very interesting because extroverted people are ver…Read More

  • Karen Sr wrote a new post

    Back To School Shopping , has it boosted the economy ?

    In the article “Anticipating Back-to-School Shopping” I have learned that there has been a boost to the economy for back to school shopping, that there are good amount of reasons as to why this had happened and why it's...

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    • “Like I mentioned there are downsides to this which are that families may do more online shopping due to COVID-19 and that it can lead to the shortage of supplies needed.” I like this summary that states the main idea of your articles. There is an increase in the sales in the retail store because of the opening of school but during the pandemic, people don’t need to shop a lot for school. But I don’t understand the negative effect of school opening sales. Is it because it cost more money to family for school? Or because it causes a shortage of supplies? I like your number to emphasize how much it cost for school shopping. https://nrf.com/insights/holiday-and-seasonal-trends/back-to-school These are data of the increased rate of sale that may help back up the point. Something I learned from my economics class is that demand increases supplies. In the last year of the pandemic, students weren’t in school, so they didn’t need to buy tangible materials. Therefore, retails have many surpluses that they can use for now. If the stock isn’t enough, sale drives the production, storage wouldn’t be a problem. This is a good promotion on economic. I would like to read more about how many portions of differents classes families spent on their children’s school materials. Or is there any policy to help out families that need help?

  • Dear Edward,
    I am very interested in your post “Fast Fashion: Who’s Job is it to ensure that products are ethically made?” because its informative to know that consumers can’t really do anything about the working conditions that people are in. This is interesting to me because some people don’t really know that, they think that consumers are fully…Read More



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