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    In the article, “Have We Become Too Reliant On Electronics'',  I learned that many people are conflicted with the fact that they are really reliant on technology. A lot of people tend to desire these electronics, even though they...

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  • Dear Juan, 
    I am very interested in your post, “Do Not Believe Everything You See Online” because some people actually tend to think that everything on the internet isn’t false information. I think its interesting that many people believe false information because they simply see some fact online and they go with it without actually knowing wha…Read More

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    Screen Time: How much Should Children Have ?

    In the article, “What Does Too Much Screen Time Do to Children’s Brains?” by Isabella, I was able to learn that due to a lot of screen exposure amongst young children it can cause many bad behaviors and habits....

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    • Too much screen time is bad for children is a good story because it explained the affects of how bad screen time for little kids is and what it can do to the brain.

    • Dear Karen Sr

      I am interested in your response post to the article by how you were able to effectively summarize and explain the article. I agree that children should be limited to screen exposure.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ I think parents should limit the amount of screen time their children have because it affects their social skills more than anything. ” I think this is important because social skills are important for the future. I think this because children should be able to develop these skills at an early age to be able to succeed in their future. I’d like to add on the blue lights emitted from the screens, causes damage to the eyes.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this is an important topic. Many parents are still unaware of the damage technology can have on the younger generations.


    • Dear Karen Sr,

      I am interested in your post “Screen Time: How much Should Children Have?” because you talk about how too much screen time affects children and how they become anti-social or the most important thing is not facing reality at all even though it’s gonna hit them like a brick wall sooner or later when they grow up.

      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is “Throughout these past years technology has developed, even more, parents get their children electronic devices simply so they can be distracted or not bother them.”

      I think this is disappointing that parents are doing this because I’ve seen it and I’ve also heard other parents talk about how they give them phones, tablets, or computers just to distract them even though they need one on one time and learn properly.

  • Dear Emmy, 
    I am very interested in your post about the “Stanford Prison Experiment” because I actually did research on this not too long ago. I didnt think that many people had heard about it until I ran into your post. This experiment was very interesting to me because we were able to see what happens when someone has a lot of power over t…Read More

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    Overprotective Parents

    In the article, “Growing Up”, I was able to learn that many children growing up aren't able to learn things on their own and become unprepared for when they get older. The reason this happens is because parents become...

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    • Dear, Karen Sr

      I agree with your post about “Overprotective Parents” because, in my opinion, I believe that strict parents do create sneaky kids. Especially because you won’t just “deprive them of doing bad things” but you’ll lead them to do things behind your back and if something goes wrong they won’t ever have the courage or trust to ask you for help. This will result in further damage and even having to ask for help from someone else who wont bring them any good. A line that stood out to me was “What parents don’t realize is that having a child grow up like this can lead to a lot of distrust and distance within their relationship.” I totally agree! I know parents don’t do it with bad intentions and just want the best for us but if we can’t trust you to come and ask for help after we made a mistake then how do you expect us to have good communication with you or have a strong relationship with one another? Looking forward to more of your post!
      Isabel Fonseca

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