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  • Dear Kerly,

    I really enjoyed reading your poem, “The Biggest Change of My Life”. It is very touching and the tone made it very interesting to read as it sounds so calm explaining such a big change. The personal picture you added also adds to the poem making it interesting to read as it is a picture of your travels.
    When you said “I u…Read More

  • Karen commented on the post, "Room" Book Review

    Grace, I love how you explained the book. I’ve read and seen the movie and you hit the main idea. It is so interesting how Emma Donoghue writes the book from the perspective of 5-year-old Jack. I recommend watching the movie as it gives more detail and feeling to what they both experienced.https://youtu.be/E_Ci-pAL4eE is a link to watch the…Read More

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    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby is his memoir about a traumatic life-changing event that happened to him in 1996. Jean-Dominique Bauby was born April 23, 1952, and died in 1997 at age 44. He lived...

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    • Thats really interesting! Its scary to think that we could be in a situation similar to that. How would one react? How would it feel? I think it would be a really interesting read, and something that I could think about for a while.

    • Karen,
      That seems like a very interesting book. That would definitely make me think about things that I don’t usually think about especially because it is a memoir not fiction. I am definitely going to put this on my list of things I want to read!

    • Karen,
      I really like how you wrote this book review you gave great background of the book. I have never heard of this book before but after reading your review I was drawn to it and so interested in this memoir. You provided a lot of great detail about the book and made sure everyone saw the main idea. I like when you said “ It is a motivational book that gives reason to be happy and thankful for the opportunity of life each reader has”. I liked how each reader can relate to the book on a personal level. You did a great good writing your review and I hope to read this book.

    • Karen,
      Your review was well-written and gave a good overview of the book. I like how you described a bit about the syndrome this man had, as well as how it changed his perception of the world. I want to know more about his experiences and the book in general since I have never heard of it before. I liked how you addressed how “the way he never gave up trying to communicate with the outside world,” indicating that despite the condition he was in, he never gave up hope. This really makes me think about life and how fleeting it is. I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future.

    • Karen
      This book sounds very interesting. It sounds like the main character is very strong and is a fighter. I definitely have to read this one!

    • I really liked your review and summary of this book. It makes me want to read it! I think that your explanation of what happened and the struggles make me seem more intrigued into what happens throughout in detail. Thanks for the great synopsis!

  • Karen wrote a new post

    Locked-in Syndrome

    I believe that locked-in syndrome is one of the most interesting syndromes I have had the chance to learn about. The stories of these “survivors” are truly amazing and give you the opportunity to get a small glimpse of...

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    • This was really interesting I haven’t heard much about this subject before. How common do you think this syndrome is and do you think it is more common in younger or older people?

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