• Dear Jadyn

    I like how you chosen to write a poem about Oakland because most people wrote their poems about love and your’s stand out and because you’re talking about things that person of color in Oakland can relate to. Also I loved how you choose a flag as your picture of your poem because I feel that it represent how America is supposed to be…[Read more]

  • This is my poem about what I see as I grow up in Oakland California. This poem relates to Romeo And Juliet by how two side are in war with each other and what the bigger picture is about what’s going on. I also

    • Dear Kanika, I really like the topic of your poem. It’s really prominent in this area. It’s clear from your poem that violence can cause a lot of destruction and sadness. You did a good job connecting Romeo and Juliet to things that are happening right now! Where else do you think you can apply that to? When you talked about losing someone to a gun it was really sad. I appreciate you for writing about that problem.

  • Dear Khalid

    I like how you showed that stereotypes won't hold you back and how you showed a picture of the bible because I think that very empowering that your not afraid or ashamed to show that you believe in GOD.

  • My shadow box shows my dominant and counter narratives. On the outside of my shadow box the pictures represents some dominant narratives that other individual have on me. The outside show pictures of white woman

    • Hey Kanika. I’m impressed by your shadowbox. One part that stood out to me was when you were talking about the stereotypes about yourself. I agree with you a lot because those stereotypes are not true and they put down a lot of people. One piece of feedback I have for you is to spellcheck and re – read your work, but other than that your writing is amazing. Thank you for showing everyone your shadow box !

    • Hi Kanika, I really like your shadow box. One part of your art piece that stands out to me is the doll you decided to include. I think society is focused more on women and the stereotypes and dominant narratives they have set on us. The fact that you chose to include a doll in your shadowbox is a smart way to show your assigned sex and being a sister. I look forward to seeing your next post in the process of showing who you are.

  • Erika Romero
    One sentence that stands out to me is when you said “When people look at me, they see a short and weak girl who can’t play sports and can’t do much because she is not strong enough, but this is a dominant narrative”. This sentence stands out to me because Adolescents use to think that just because I was a girl I couldn’t play basketb…[Read more]

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    • Dear Kanika,

      I liked your box because you represented the stereotypes that society puts on you. Also another thing that I liked was that you put all the things you like and the things you are for example you put “caution whiz kid at work” I thought that was pretty cool.