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  • kandukuris20

Hey Rhea, I agree with your statement that opportunity, equality, and freedom are the key values that make up our American creed. When you were talking about opportunity I liked how you talked about how opportunities are around us every day in life and with that I thought it was...

Hey Jack, I like that you started off by talking about how America is a very diverse country, and that even if diversity could be a good thing it can still have a negative impact on the country. In your last paragraph the connection you make to individual’s values...

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Should Bottled Water Be Banned? View Comment
  • @kandukuris20
  • October 3, 2018

Hey Penelope, I agree with you that plastic bottles should be banned. I think you should add a little more about how it is harmful to our environment and how we should ban plastic water bottles. Also replacements we can use instead of plastic. What replacements of plastic water bottle...

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