• Poem:


    A flower

    There’s a flower, one that’s sweet, strong, and pure

    Yet, this flower has something that can’t be cured

    Everyday this flower has to fight with this enemy

    Which chips off so many things

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    Dear Ying,
    I am happy with your essay/statement “I am Who I am” because it was amazing. While reading your artist statement I felt a little excited and of course happy as you know about the information you shared and how big your statement was. One line that stands out to me was,” I wanna show my parents that I’m able to be on an indepen…[Read more]

  • Dear Velvet,
    While reading your artist statement I got a feeling of joy because I felt that your words really made me feel happy. I like how much pride and love you have for yourself. I felt happy to read that. One line that stood out to me was, “I have a bracelet or necklace with a cross and that represents I am religious and that I am C…[Read more]

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    ummm, that’s all you velveta cheese 😉

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  • My shadow box represents some of my identities and fights some dominant narratives with my counter narratives. In my shadow box I have two ballet slippers. I used to do ballet. A visual stereotype/dominant

    • Hi! My name is Jason and I am writing from Fremont High School.
      I was impressed that you were into ballet! I never knew anyone from Oakland had that interest. Why do you think that is a counter narrative for you to be into ballet?

    • Hey, Im una from Fremont High School. I like how colorful your shadowbox is. I heard that you´ve been to mexico! Do you like it in Mexico? I heard that it´s really nice out there. Do the beads mean a lot to you?

    • Hey there, I’m Lanavia, and I’m from fremont. I like the way you used your culture in your shadow box. I also heard that you visit mexico often! I’ve never been there, but id like to visit. Why did you use jewlery in your shadowbox?

    • Hi I’m Lanavia from Fremont High School i like the way you made the little colorful chan hang from the top part. I also like that how in your shadowbox you did a good job by making it creative. That’s really good that you was feeling good with putting your little shoes in the box and all the other stuff. I feel like you really did a good job

    • hi my name is alexa im from fremont high school. i heard u went to mexico i like your project. is it nice in mexico? thank u for reading my comment

    • Hi,
      I’m Violet from Okemos High School. I enjoyed learning a little bit more about yourself through objects. Even though we are strangers I fell like I’ve learned about you. I hope to read more form you in the near future.

    • Hi my name is Tevita and i’m writing Fremont High.
      I see there a bear in your box. I like that because bears are my favorite animal. Do you even like bears? Or is it just there for decorations?

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