• My project was about teen pregnancy and teen parenting. In my opinion what an upstander mean to me is a person that wants to make a change but there will be obstacles in your way because not everyone stand for

    • Hi Kalani, I love your idea of helping teen moms because it is a much more common thing in our society these days. Do you think that the best way to help them is give them baby supplies or do you feel like these girls could be helped before the fact and aid them with contraceptive methods? I think that this topic is hard to deal with because of the stigma around it that you mentioned but no matter what it is always going happen, do you think that the amount of teen pregnancy today is a good thing or should we try to lower the amount of teen pregnancy? I love your idea of an instagram about teen moms, that would give them a really great way to connect with other teen moms and create a better support system. Way to be an up-stander!!

  • we do feel like looking more into why there are racial disparities when it comes to teen pregnancys. But we would really like to say thank you for supporting our topic and we would love for you to go support our instagram and gofundme
    Ig: _teenmoms
    Gofundme: http://www.gofundme.com/diaper-and-baby-clothes-donation?
    Thank you again.

  • by: Kalani,Dustin,Wendy,Oswaldo,Janie

    “Models are the people that everyone looks up to models are known to be this and that they are your role models these are your standards…” (Billie Eilish). These wor

  • Dear Jessica,
    i really enjoyed your blog and really agree and how you explained how you believe people need ti change their ways is very powerful and i liked how you clearly explained your self good job on that. By reading your blog im learning more on why littering is suck a huge problem ad have a great impact on our planet so good job also…[Read more]

  • Many people think prostitution is a choice when most of the time it isn’t. Many young females are kidnapped and forced into prostitution by sometimes their own fathers. Many people might say Prostitution is like

    • Estimado Kalani :

      Estoy impresionado sobre su publicación ” La prostitución en Oakland ” porque el tema que escogió es un tema del que debemos estar al tanto porque esta información nos podría ayudar a entender mas por la situación por la cual están pasando estas mujeres.

      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es : ” Muchas personas podrían decir prostitución es como la esclavitud moderna ” creo que esta frase es muy representativa de lo que quiere dar a conocer con su trabajo porque esto le ayudaría a cualquier persona para saber lo que pasa en otras partes del mundo.

      Gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque tus ideas de lo que escribes son muy interesantes para pasar un reto leyendo.

    • Estimada Kalani:

      Estoy muy asombrada por su publicación, “La prostitución en Oakland,” porque me gusta que hables acerca de cosas muy importantes.

      Una frase que usted escribió que se destaca para mi es: “La prostitución es como la esclavitud moderna” Creo que esto es muy cierto porque la prostitución si es como una esclavitud moderna ya que te fuerzan contra tu voluntad a ser algo que no quieres.

      Gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, porque me gusta la manera en como te expresas y en cómo es la manera en la que piensas.

    • Hey Kalani, I wanted to comment that your blog is amazing because it talks about a topic many don’t really think about. This blog uncovers the truth of “modern day slavery”, prostitution. Have you seen this website? It is made by a charity, and its purpose is to spread knowledge on certain issues. The website linked it compares slaves from the 1800’s AND 1700’s to today’s prostitutes. You should take a look because I read this article and it seemed very interesting. Overall, good job your blog was nice, looking forward to the next one.

      (search it up, somehow the link wont appear)

    • Dear Kalani,
      How I feel about your topic is it is very powerful and something that isn’t recognized as much as it should be. Some advice I would like to give you is when you but evidence don’t forget to give some context about it and where it came from. Also, don’t forget to give powerful reasoning on why that piece of evidence connects and can back up your claim. But overall your writing is very powerful and every writer has a meaning to what they write and yours sticks out.

    • Dear Kalani,
      Your topic is something that many people don’t talk about and I’m so glad you brought this up because many people are poorly informed in why prostitution should be brought up more frequently. Some advice I would give you is to add context when providing evidence. This would be helpful because you will give us a heads up about what we are about to read. I would love to see more context the next you write. Love youuuuuuu bestie.
      Sincerely Leslie Diaz

    • Dear Kalani,
      I really like how you wrote about something that is important to you. I also like how you wrote about this topic in detail and also that you had empathy for people because you didn’t offend no one and you tried to inform others about why people do prostitution. I like how you connected position to slavery because many woman back then and maybe even now are used and people should know what’s going on in this world. By writing this blog you gave me knowledge about more things that are happening in this world and why its happening.

    • Dear Kalani,
      I am surprised with your post, “Prostitution in Oakland”, because this is a sensitive topic that is not really talked upon by others.

      One sentence you wrote that stands otr for me is “ Many people might say Prostitution is like modern day slavery because females are kidnapped to work hard doing dangerous labor and for their pimps it’s a business because they get money off female’s bodies”. I think this is very interesting because I never really thought of prostitution in this way and I think many others would agree with me.

      Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this is a very serious topic that more people need to be aware of and how it is associated with slavery.
      Kaylee Lopez

    • Dear Kalani :
      I am really impressed with your post “Prostitution in Oakland,” because you really explain how this is a big problem and how it is affecting young women. I like the way you said it straightforward and didn’t hold back on what you were saying. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Many people might say Prostitution is like modern day slavery because females are kidnapped to work hard doing dangerous labor and for their pimps it’s a business because they get money off female’s bodies.” I think this is important because it is true and most people turn a blind eye to it. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you are very real about your writing and you a passionate about the topic.

    • Dear Kalani,

      I am moved by your post because it is so courageous of you to address such a horrid topic. Prostitution and sex trafficking is a major issue the United States faces. After reading your post, I feel further informed and aware of dangers.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: ” But for men it’s a business because they get money off females bodies.” I think this is significant because it is the mentality “pimps” have. It’s so devastating to realize there are such people roaming around.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you address meaningful and real life issues.


    • This is a hard topic, but thank you for writing about it. This essay is straightforward and says what needs to be said.

    • Dear, Kalani
      Thank you for sharing your post and providing a valuable insight on the dangers of human sex trafficking. I believe your post would definitely benefit by adding some simple statistics to help provide clarity on how much of a danger human sex trafficking really is. In an interview with a law enforcement officer specializing in investigating human trafficking, I learned many women in Santa Clara County offer their services by choice, meaning they do not have a “pimp”. However, the fact that you stated most women are forced into the practice is a great point. Along with dedicated law enforcement officials, we must all keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious behavior we see in public that might correlate to humane sex trafficking.

    • Dear Kalini,
      I like how you wrote about a topic that you feel is an issue in your community. I do agree with you that prostitues can be compared to slavery, depending on the circumstances of their situation. Unfortunetly, it is common for women to be forced to become prostitutes. I also like how you asked members of your community about their opinions about this topic. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi my name is kalani and this is my poem, this poem don’t really have a topic bc its kinda all over the place but I hope you would still be able to understand. ok well hope you enjoy


    Growing up different is

    • Dear Kalani,
      Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. One line that stood out to me was
      “Drugs will ruin your life, and I completely agree but love is the most Fucked up drug of them all.” because it is true, during almost every breakup you feel sad and depressed. A connection I made to your poem was how the police only are brutal to the people of color. Your poem reminds me of how the police attack lower income communities.
      Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.

    • Dear Kalani,
      I love how your poem talked about the topics of love, violence, pain, and drugs because it shows how they constantly intertwine. You did a good job on connecting how Romeo and Juliet see love and how you see it. I am confident many will find it relatable. The line that stood out to me right away and made me think the most is, “The family are like bullets dancing through the air. On their own beat”. It emphasized the harm or impact that families might have on youth like bullets do. I also liked how you used personification and put “bullets dancing” because it makes it sound more beautiful. Thanks for sharing your poem!

  • Dear cece,
    I really enjoyed reading your artist statement bc i can really relate and iv also became a LGBTQ activist. Your box is very colorful and i see how its really important to you in many ways.

  • This is me

    This shadow box represents women empowerment,culture, and basically who I am as a person but a dominant narrative about me is people who don’t know me may assume that I have a smart mouth,ghetto, and

    • Dear kalani
      I love how even you are a sister, a daughter and so many other stuff you really work hard for your education. I really like how you don’t pay attention to dominant narrative and you keep doing you. Keep up with the hard work you have done and don’t let negative things put you down.

    • Dear Kalani,
      I am happy about your shadow box and paragraph, “This is me” because you show your hard work on both of theses and really stand out! I really like how you put baby pictures and some family members. One part of your paragraph that stands out to me is where you talk about how hard you work to have an education. I think this is excellent to point out because a lot of people assume that people of color don’t care about their education. And I think this is good to show out to the world, it shows them that they are completely wrong. Another part that I liked too is where you added empowering female words. This stood out for me because it shows that your assigned identity is really important to you. Your paragraph and shadow box reminds me of something I once made. One time I also wrote about being female and being a different ethnicity and how the world saw me. Also I showed that society is wrong about what they think I am. Thanks for your shadow box and paragraph. I look forward to seeing what you will make next, because you are really good at showing your hard work!

    • Dear Kalani,
      Growing up in an area that is considered “harsh” is not easy. These areas tend to be predisposed to the negative stereotypes. Regardless, I admire how resilient you are to these stereotypes. I love how your shadow box shows the level pride and strength you have. Not only that but the components of your shadow box are interesting. The pictures show that you are aware of your roots. That is important because many people I know, are not aware. The box is colorful and that shows your creativity. The words add in impactful message about who you are. Overall, my takeaway from your shadow is that you are resilient, strong, and prideful of yourself. Continue to express yourself with pride no matter what others think. Keep it up Kalani.

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