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“TODAY” by Billy Collins – Read by Kaimea

“TODAY” by Billy Collins -Read by Kaimea

I Remember…

where I’m from…

life in New York

the author uses imagery in this poem and uses descriptive language, for an example, “dance a poet's salsa at midnight barefoot” this helps a reader to picture exactly what's going on.

the lines in this poem doesn't end with punctuation, which is the opposite of end-stopped, so the author's lines are enjambed.

the tone of the poem is very playful and relaxed, He climbs, swims, and dances, and he mentions fresh air music.

the author uses a lot of adjectives in his poem, like climb, swim and dance.

the author talks about activities he enjoys doing in his city, and his word choice really helps the reader to picture what's going on.

I like how the author talked about things he enjoys doing in Texas. the poem is very simple, but sincere at the same time. i felt that the author really brought out the beauty of his city, and it makes me want to go there.

Dana, from Kindred, is determined, forgiving, and resourceful

Facing the Lion- Simone

I agree, that's very dangerous.

Sharon was giving Tish advice and comfort.

I agree, Fonny wasn't trying to be rude.

maybe Daniel is scared because of what happened to him before.

is he talking about the police?

what does she mean by “he was already running out of familiar faces”'?

yeah, who are they talking about?

why are they trying to change his testimony?

what were Joseph and Fonny talking about?

why did Ernestine have that reaction?

I agree

I think Sharon and Ernestine didn't want Tish to get stressed out.

Maybe Mrs.hunt tried to kill Fonny

what is Mrs.hunt trying to say about the child?

Ernestine is a good person.

I think Ernestine is warning her.

why did Shelia say that?

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