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You can tell he likes Nebraska and knows a lot about it by the way he speaks about it

her confidence shows at the end like if she knew what to do

tish is working during her pregnancy even tho she should be resting instead

why did they think she was in Puerto Rico? i think that they are sending people to Puerto Rico because she was born there

they tried to framed fonny saying that he stoled a car

they always say something bad is going to happen to fonny i wonder why?

you can tell that mr.hayward is trying to help fonny out maybe sooner or later things will come out good

fonny is very bold to just say randomly “want to get married” i wonder what tish thought?

fonny is a very helpful/ caring person he surprised tish by walking her all the way home

fonny is about to talk to tishs father i wonder what they are going to talk about ?

all of this is very hard on tish she felt so tired she couldn’t even cry

sharon is defending her family no matter what anyone says

ms hunt is saying that she doesn’t wanna take care of no bastard baby i wonder why ?

they were being very disrespectful saying that tish isn’t fit to raise her child cause she has no education

fonny sisters grew up in such an abusive house hold i can’t imagine how they felt while growing up

you can tell that frank cares about fonny no matter how rude frank can be

sheila said that if he would’ve studied and read he wouldn’t be in there i wonder if she’s talking about fonny?

tish would normally be afraid to walk there cause of how dark it is but since she was with donny she was okay

Tish has people that care about her very much that they make sure she eats

Why did tish feel at home at the restaurant? Maybe cause they were kind and friendly

Fonny sometimes would sleep at the park at night time so he won’t have to wake up his parents

Tish and fonny has never questioned each other’s body they knew they were different but didn’t talk about it

Tishs dad had a lot of questions for tish witch kinda got her mad but then she wasn’t causse she understood

Tishs mother is very supportive of tish and her baby with fonny

After dinner the mother went and got a bottle of alcohol she had for years

She is finally meeting the lawyer I wonder what the lawyer will tell her ?

I wonder why he is worried about how much the lawyer will cost him? Why do they even need one ?

On Sunday no matter what happens the day before everyone gets it together and everyone calmed down

I believe that hunt is starting to become nicer then he was already

When they were younger Tish and fonny wasn’t always good friends they seemed to have a weird relationship

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