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  • Evelyn,
    I really enjoyed your article on the back and forth that is gender roles and stereotypes. I found your comment, “the stereotype for men should be taken into consideration as well,” very intriguing because in today’s world, many feminists fail to recognize both genders in their argument for equality. I can say for myself that I can get c…Read More

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    Kaileigh wrote a new post

    Language: The Door to Understanding Between Cultures

    Language is the tool of expression and communication in every society. Whether it be speaking, writing, or listening, language is the key to understanding ourselves and others. In our world today, there are roughly “6900 distinct languages” (Anderson). Language...

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    • Hi Kaileigh,

      I like how you decided to use the topic of the power of language to describe the concept of communicating between cultures. I also like how you make it known that very few are bilingual and that more people need to know the importance of knowing more then one language because it “opens doors between two groups.”

      You also formatted everything so that it is easy for the reader to read. It flows very nicely and you express your ideas in a concise and orderly manner.


  • Dear Brooke,
    I was very interested in reading your article titled “A Call to Pilgrimage.” What intrigued me the most was the fact that you focused on a different aspect of a pilgrimage that many necessarily don’t focus on. Rather than the religious aspect, you voiced a pilgrimage “gives us an opportunity to cleanse our minds and reconne…Read More

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    Kaileigh wrote a new post

    Pilgrimage: The March on Washington

    A pilgrimage is a sacred journey that transforms an individual spiritually or physically. When most people think of a pilgrimage, they immediately think of a religious experience. However, I believe a pilgrimage is any journey that allows you to...

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  • Dear Haithem,
    Your article on the downsides of going to a 4 year college interested me. Mainly, I was intrigued by the different jobs you could get with only an associates degree; I never knew there was such a multitude. Coming from a huge family, I definitely see the cost benefits of going to a two year college. Thank you for writing this…Read More

  • Dear Meghan,
    Your article on the stereotypes of Disney princesses very much interested me. I was very intrigued by your description of the progression of the Disney princesses. In our world today, we have made great strides in women empowerment, but that was not always the case. Looking back on these disney movies, it makes me sad for the…Read More

  • Dear Abdul,
    Your story on the length of the work week intrigued me very much. I was very interested on your points regarding the Muslim culture, as I have never heard this argument from that perspective. I also thought your argument was set up very well because you included a rebuttal to the other sided argument by talking about the prospect of…Read More

  • Dear Griffin,
    I am very interested in your essay because I never viewed American culture from this view point. I was intrigued by our one identity as Americans. One thing that stood out to me was when you said: “…we are all Americans, we share the same core values…” because it really reflects the unity of all Americans. Especially at an unc…Read More



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