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Effective Eye Contact and Body Language for an Oral Presentation

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Practicing Tone and Inflection to Make My Voice

  I gave my voice energetic and sounded very interested in my magazine that I read about James Harden Author: Sean Gregory  Title: James Harden Tell Us Why He Is The Best Player In The World How I feel about my recording was very well spoken and a better reader the I thought I was             […]

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Presenting your 30 second hook

My 30 second hook was about my senior project which is police brutality for African-American male It took me 4 times to had a final cut that sounded great when I was speaking and looking at my audience while I talk to them In the term the way I was talking was very well manner and intelligent so the audience […]

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What do you stand for?

How many accounts of police brutality happen a day? Which race is most affected by police brutality? What I stand for is injustice towards African Americans that gets harassed and also have to go through police brutality. A incident happen to Alonzo Cox, Sr., of Baltimore, Maryland. His son, Alonzo Cox, Jr., had been involved in an altercation with two […]

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Close Reading Paragraphs

Act 3 Scene 3   “ I had been happy if the general camp, Pioners and all,had taste her sweet body, So I had nothing known. O, now forever Farewell the tranquil mind! Farewell content! Farewell the plumed troop and big wars that make ambition virtue! O, farewell, Farewell the neighing steed and shrill trump, The spiritstirring drum, the earpiercing […]

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A Day in My Life

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Shakespeare, Dost Thou Matter?

  Some reason why shakespeare is still used in High schools because in his plays he brings up issues that still be relevant in today’s worlds because it can relate toward people race issue and other issues.”David Tennant Explain Why Shakespeare still Matters be cause race is a big issue today world because of police brutality, my reaction are alll […]

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My Voice Remake Of Othello

  I used othello ,Act 1, Scene 1 ,I used line 45- 55.The character I used was Iago .What I learn about  Iago tone was that he always was very fearless of what he says also he very gutsy because of the things he do in the play what volume I had to use was very persistent about how he […]

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