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  • I agree that that the younger generations are getting into politics more. For the people that aren’t, they need to ask themselves what world they want to leave their kids or grandkids. Having the ability to vote and not voting because it has little effect is absurd. I believe people should do what feels right to them. The polls aren’t really…Read More

  • The idea of wearing a face mask shouldn’t even be a big topic of discussion, in my opinion. After China required people to wear masks, the infection rates went down. To keep yourself and others safe, everyone should wear a mask when going out and social distance. It’s not a difficult task and it’s definitely not political. We should respect the…Read More

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  • I agree with you. Different media outlets highlight different parts of a story. You should look at all sides of an issue before taking a stance. In politics, the separation between red and blue is so divided that each side just wants the other to lose. Politicians should be telling us how to make a situation better, not pointing fingers at the…Read More

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    Values That Will Bring America Together

    Being an American means something different to everyone. Since no two people are the same, they will have different views on what values, beliefs, or creeds are most important. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Our ability to reach unity in...

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    • I really like how you focused on the idea of individualism driving our country. I think it is important to remember how different and unique everyone is and how that drives diversity in America. I think it is a really cool concept that often gets overlooked when talking about American values.

    • Hey Jyothika, I like your statement about how equality shouldn’t be political. I think equality is a basic part of a human being’s rights, and it should be respected no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on. Not a “controversial” topic that’s constantly debated on.

  • I agree that the circumstances in which they were killed is heartbreaking. I believe that these protests will be a step forward to gaining true equality. Everyone should have the same rights, under the law. I wish that happened in reality. These deaths have sparked a unity among people of different races, ages, etc. People around the world have…Read More



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