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  • I find this to be a very useful and practical activity and the things you’ve learned from it will definitely come in handy in the long run. Your reflection on the way that certain factors affected others, such as lack of relaxation resulting in lower happiness, is something that’s always important to keep in mind to maintain and healthy and…Read More

  • This is a really interesting take on The Hate U Give and a perspective I hadn’t considered before. This is a very creative way to analyze the message of the book and try to understand more deeply how the main character might feel about the events of the book and how she would handle these feelings in a formal setting. Was this written using…Read More

  • I like this very in-depth reflection on your own name and what it means, both in definition and to you personally. Your anecdotes are good examples as to how your name is connected to you and embodies who you are. I do wonder, were your parents aware at the time they named you that your name meant something so special?

  • The way that your essay is structured, separated into sections titled with their main topic, makes it very easy to understand what you’re talking about and what the overarching message is. I also appreciated that one of these sections is specifically focused on Philadelphia, bringing the topic of Atlanta’s traffic jams and infrastructure and…Read More

  • The way you delve into the history of slavery and why exactly segregation came to be such a large influence in the construction of Atlanta’s infrastructure is really insightful. You also go into detail about how this construction directly affected black communities that were already there, which provides a new perspective to think about. Can I ask…Read More

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