• What would the planet be like if ⅔ the surface were land instead of water?

    Many have wondered this, and beyond asking, what if all the water dried up?  Researchers in Australia have ”mapped the oceans and comp

    • Juliana, nice insight of a theoretical scenario. I also agree that the world would be connected, meaning that ecosystems, evolution, climate, and humans would have been severely impacted. In addition to what you included, I think that modes of transportation and technology would have changed. For example, because of there’s less water, meaning smaller oceans, ship building would be less developed as it is right now, whereas flight and land transportation would be further more innovated. There was one part that differed from my view. There might be a significant decrease in water overall, but the ocean will still retain its salinity, leaving me to assume that freshwater would still be the same. Still, your point of view is also a possibility. Nice job on your piece.

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