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Genetic Engineering: Researching an Application

  “Genetic Engineering in Agriculture.” Union of Concerned Scientists. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 June 2017. According to an article titled ‘Genetic Engineering in Agriculture’ talks about the risks of genetic engineering, for example it causes health risks to the animals that consume the genetically modified crops. Ronald, Pamela. “Plant Genetics, Sustainable Agriculture and Global Food Security.”Genetics. Genetics, 01 May 2011. […]

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Genetically modified food

Genetically modified food is great for us because it has better food at a lower price. for example have you ever gone to a store and seen the organic food costing more than genetically modified food and the reason for that is because genetically modified food is made at a more affordable price. According to a article by UC Santa […]

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Determine a topic to raise your voice

The meat industry has been extremely profitable for many years now, giving us all the meat products we love. From being sold to fast food restaurants around the world to the supermarkets nearby where we buy it. However, the meat industry is bad for animals, consumers and the environment because animals and humans are in danger of death from consequences […]

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Genetic Engineering- Agriculture

The application of genetic engineering that i chose was Agriculture. I chose agriculture because I want to find out how our food is genetically modified. The 3 questions : How are our vegetables and fruits genetically modified? Do they really reduce pesticides from the food? Where do they genetically modify food? Print this page. Author Juray

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Understanding Genetic Engineering

I understand how genetic engineering is modifying the characteristics  of an organism. I also understand and learned how it manipulates the genes and how it can be used for medicine. The gut feeling i had once knowing about Genetic Engineering was nothing really but at the same time i was confused about it. Print this page. Author Juray

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Oral Presentations

The names of the two videos I watched were ¨TED’s secret to great public speaking¨ and ¨Good and bad examples of presentation.¨ Anderson wants the viewers to understand that public speaking is all about ideas. Some of the annotations I made about how I do think deeply about something someone said when they are presenting. I understand that […]

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My view of Shakespeare through art

The questions that I answered for myself through my creative adaption were how hard it was for me to draw the characters. I would draw Cassio and Montano the same way, and I kept struggling with it, but I ended up getting it at the end. Drawing the characters with how their face expressions would look like was also something […]

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Fear of Monsters

“Do it not with poison strangle her in her bed, even the bed she hath contaminated.”(Act 4.Scene 1. lines 217-218) Analysis:  Iago is telling Othello to kill Desdemona. Iago even mentioned how Desdemona soiled their bed by sleeping with Cassio and after he said that he gave Othello more determination to kill Desdemona. Othello now has so much for Desdemona […]

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Calm, but with passion

The play I chose was “Othello.” The act and scene I read were Act 3. Scene 3, and the line numbers were 199-208. The character I played was Othello. What I learned was how much my voice changed little by little as I kept reading, the volume in my voice went from high to low, and it was much clearer. I […]

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Shakespeare , Dost Thou Matter?

Shakespeare is still studied in schools today because in the video titled “Why study Shakespeare today?” it said that learning about shakespeare in class can really express student’s feelings about certain things in the book that they can relate to without them even knowing.  My reactions were that I kinda disagree with some of the things in a one of […]

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The observations i made with the music video were that there were people with different nationalities, and ethnicities. This song makes me think that no matter where we come from or what we do , we are all still family and we should treat each other as such. I saw many positive things in the lyrics and the song is […]

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Black Lives Matter

To me, I feel like this image is really sad because over the years you see African American people getting shot by the police. It is either because they are black and the police are racist or just because the police believes that they are the ones that do the most crimes. I don’t think I have a position because […]

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“Not your Mascot”

This image is really powerful because i have seen seen school’s use them as Mascot’s and i know that they feel disrespected by it, i would too honestly. They should ask before they want to use someone as a Mascot because it is really rude and offensive. Print this page. Author Juray

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Women’s March

These women are fighting over something that is important to them, and i honestly think it is a good idea, women do not get the respect or credit that they deserve. As a young women i feel like i would too be in this march. The messages they have written on their signs are powerful, because women nowadays are putting […]

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Opinion on the Crestwood Village sign

To me this message is rude, disrespectful and racist because it is basically saying that people that do not speak english are not welcome there. I think it is really mean and that they should allow anyone, regardless of what language they speak to enter the village. The evidence is the message, since only english is allowed, it is not […]

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Argument is everywhere – billboards

What i observed in this image was a message basically telling drivers to text and drive. The message says that because if you text and drive then you’ll end up being in a car accident and die, the message is also from a funeral home, if more people die then they will end up buying a casket for the person […]

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Activity routine

Monday Activity routine – 7:30am- wake up ( go straight to the bathroom) * 7:35am- get changed and go to the bathroom to get ready( brush hair and wash face and brush teeth)(no breakfast).* 7:50am- leave home and walk to school. 8:25am- get to school and go to first period.(Capstone) (say hi to friends and then get to work) 9:20am- […]

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Listening to music * Talking to my mom and sister Listening to dubstep Drawing * loyalty* Stock market The Omnivore’s dilemma   Shameless * Apples * Health shake Senior project My opinion on loyalty is that it is something important in life. Being loyal to family, friends, or partners is part of life because if you want someone to be […]

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Music the stress reliever

The technique I chose is one that i will stick with because Music to me is calming, when I am listening to music i feel relaxed and carefree.I will find it enjoyable because I LOVE music, Music has been making me feel better for years.Yes i can fit music in my daily life, there is always time for music.It would […]

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School Stressed

The stressors that impact my day-to-day life are all the schoolwork that teachers give me and the chores that my mom makes me do once I get home from school. It is really hard to keep up with work when I have other things to do at home.     The stressors have caused headaches and back/neck pains, it has […]

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An Unwanted Letter

To the YV community , this is my response to the warm up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.   Dear Kmahjanay, I just found out that you need to catch up on work in most of your classes, you are a smart person and i know that you […]

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How to Earn our Respect

Dear Next President, First, I would like to congratulate you on becoming the next President of The United States of America. I would love to talk to you about issues we are having in our country. One of the issues that is happening is the drought in California, We don’t have enough water and for some people, the water bill […]

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