• Monday Activity routine –

    7:30am- wake up ( go straight to the bathroom) *

    7:35am- get changed and go to the bathroom to get ready( brush hair and wash face and brush teeth)(no breakfast).*

    7:50am- leave

    • Hi Juray
      You are not the only one. I too wait until the very last minute to get out of bed to get ready, forgoing breakfast. And trust me we are no the only ones. Many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so then why do many skip it all together? I wonder do those extra five minutes of sleep really help? I think many feel that catching those extra Zzzz is good and more beneficial but in reality eat breakfast is more important. What do you think is more helpful that five extra minutes or breakfast to start your day?

    • Hello Juray,
      I really found it fascinating how you posted about your daily routine. It is interesting to see how others get ready for school in the morning and how their days go. You are definitely not the only one who wakes up at the last possible moment. I don’t skip breakfast but I do wake up extremely late, so that I barely make it to school in the morning. I have to set three alarms one starting at 6:30 then I have two more at 6:35 and 6:40, I then wait for the fifteen minute snooze for each of the alarms. I usually don’t end up getting out of bed till between 6:50 and 7. I also have a friend who has to start setting alarms at 5:30 to finally get up at 6:45 so you are for sure not alone in struggling to wake up early.

    • Hello Juray,

      Routine sucks in my opinion. I think we, as young adults or whatever we may be, we deserve to break this routine in order to create memorable moments in our lives. I can not stay doing the same thing over and over and over, I love innovations and surprises throughout my day. By the way, I wake up at 6, take a shower, then I nap until 6:35 just to get my hair dry haha.

    • I think school starts way too early and its very unhealthy. But we should at least try our best to get to bed as early as possible so we can wake up with enough time to eat breakfast (most important meal of the day) and do all the other things we need to do to be ready for the day.

    • Wassup Juray
      I am Ryan Middleton we both have to go to school the same time i like how u use your time and how you like to be early to school.

    • Juray,
      I follow a strict schedule in the mornings as well, but I actually wake up early to eat breakfast and shower so I can be fresh and ready to take on the day. I have found that the easiest way to keep up on sleep is simply go to bed earlier to get more sleep. If you tried that, you may be able to wake up earlier and be able to eat breakfast without being tired.

    • Hello Juray,
      you are definitely not alone when it comes to not eating breakfast. I think because of the start time of school, students must often choose to either sleep in and give up a meal or, wake up early and expect to feel more tired.

    • Juray,
      I also think that school starts too early and if they could start it later then a lot more people would pay attention. Also if school started later people could go get breakfast so people don’t go to school hungry.

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    Listening to music *
    Talking to my mom and sister
    Listening to dubstep
    Drawing *
    Stock market
    The Omnivore’s dilemma  

    Shameless *
    Apples *
    Health shake

    • Hi Juray,
      This post very much fits with what I know about your character. I am not surprised that you are so loyal to family and friends. It makes you a wonderful human.
      Ms. P

    • Dear Juray
      What you said about loyalty is true i agree with you. Loyalty comes in different forms, people have the word loyalty mixed up. A lot of people will say they’re loyal and claim to be down for you but in reality it’s something different. Speak more on loyalty and i will respond, we might have different views.

  • The technique I chose is one that i will stick with because Music to me is calming, when I am listening to music i feel relaxed and carefree.I will find it enjoyable because I LOVE music, Music has been making me

    • I find that music often helps me focus. The only thing isis i listen to music with lyrics, i find myself speaking the words in tune with the song as well. It has been studied and shown that music without lyrics like jazz or classical help people focus more because the distraction of the words isn’t there.

    • This was very interesting. I too love music and I believe that it helps me with my day to day life.

    • I liked this a lot. I find that music helps me relax and calm down, so this post relates to me a lot. I am very intrigued and very excited to read more from you. Keep up the good work!

    • Dear Juray,

      I am happy with your post, “Music the stress reliever,” because it is true for me too; I also feel calm and relaxed when listening to music. Without music, I feel slightly more stressed about life. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “An article i read talks about music and how it is well for stress and helps slow down your heartbeat when you are nervous or when you’ve had a long day at work or at school.” Another sentence that I liked was: “The benefits of the technique I chose are that it is keeping me relaxed and it makes me feel happy, especially when the songs i love come on.” This stood out for me because I feel the same way with music. Music keeps me relaxed and happy. Without music, I am not as happy. I do greatly agree with you that music is great. One reason I say this is that I love music. Another reason I agree with you is that without music, life would be a dull place.Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your love for music inspires me to read more about your opinion in this matter. Your opinion of music is relatable and I feel understood reading this post.

    • Hello Juray,

      I agree with you that music helps me relax and makes me focus on my work or whatever I am doing. It’s helpful to have music distract me from the stress from what ever I’m doing. I’m not musically talented so listening to someone else be able to sing or make music that I like makes me feel happy. i know its weird but i like it.


  • The stressors that impact my day-to-day life are all the schoolwork that teachers give me and the chores that my mom makes me do once I get home from school. It is really hard to keep up with work when I have

    • I agree with you because school stresses us the most cause of the work we have to do and certifications and presentations about our topics. one sentence you wrote that stands out for me is,”I didn’t know stress can cause so much damage to the brain. I do agree with that because you explain how it damages stress can affect the brain.

    • Dear Juray,

      Your article, “School Stressed”, is something almost every middle school and high school can relate to. Many students are stressed out since they aim for perfect grades and completing many things in a limited time.

      Personally, I get very stressed and worried out easily, thus this post intrigued me very much. Being a perfectionist and a procrastinator, all my work takes a long time to do. In the start of seventh grade, I had to quit gymnastics since I did not have enough time to finish all my school work. I spent all my time at home during the week completing my school work, rather than being outside, hanging with my friends, etc. This connects back to when you stated “stress can cause so much damage to the brain and who we are as a person.” I had never realized that before until I read your article. Therefore, this article should be brought to more students’ attention.

      I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you!

    • Dear Jury,
      I agree with you because, school does put a lot of stress on students from the workload that we have, to the tests and quizzes. This article stood out to me because, I felt like it was something that I could relate to. While reading this article it really surprised me as well that stress can cause so much damage to the brain. “The stressors that impact my day-to-day life are all the schoolwork that teachers give me and the chores that my mom makes me do once I get home from school. It is really hard to keep up with work when I have other things to do at home.” I can really relate to this quote because I also have a lot of schoolwork and homework that I have to juggle.

    • Dear Juray,

      I am very amused and can totally relate to with your post “School Stressed” because I think every student at some point from elementary school to college can connect to this and would be very stressed because of school. Even in the simplest things, I still get stressed.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “The stressors have caused headaches and back/neck pains, it has also made me feel less concentrated on what I need to do and making me worry that I won’t be able to finish certain things and I haven’t been able to get good grades on all my classes because when I focus on some of them the rest go down.” I think this is interesting because it is very relatable on how in trying to work hard and get good grades in subject results in getting a bit lower grades in others. It is very hard to manage school and house chores together.

      Another sentence that I found intriguing was “It was surprising because I didn’t know stress can cause so much damage to the brain and who we are as a person.” This stood out for me because I never knew that stress impacted people as a human and who they are instead of simple things like getting mad.

      I agree with you that school is very hard to manage and that it takes a lot of hard work to get good grades in every single subject. One reason I agree with you is that stress can cause many things as well as worrying about finishing homework and also anger, which leads many student to doing even worse in school. I think it is very important that people know what stress can do to you and how it can affect their brains, so they can take care of themselves.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because of how relatable and fascinating this one post is. I want to read your next posts because I feel that they will be just as relatable and help us understand why this is not healthy.

    • I agree with your article. I do not believe that homework should be allowed. Homework just adds to the everyday stress of school. We should be able to go home and just be able to forget about school for a little while.

    • I agree Ben. Homework constantly hanging over our heads can really impede our well being and stress us out.

    • This was a great article! I can relate to this stressors such as school have more than a couple times left me with headaches. I think it is important to focus on mental health because, like you said, it could effect you in the long run.

  • To the YV community , this is my response to the warm up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.


    Dear Kmahjanay,

    I just found out

  • Dear Next President,

    First, I would like to congratulate you on becoming the next President of The United States of America. I would love to talk to you about issues we are having in our country.

    One of the

    • Hello!
      I thought what you are saying the post is very true and it is something that needs to be fixed. I do not live in California and don’t understand first handedly. Water is something that is a necessity to living.Water along with jobs and money is important. In our century now, I think we need to make more jobs and we should be able too. Something that should be high on list to fix is: jobs. Overall great writing! I think if more people write about this it can be something that can be fixed.

    • Hello,
      I agree with you that water and jobs are very important to the human population. Each and every state has their own problems that must be fixed. I applaud you for speaking out for your state. For solving the unemployment issue could you elaborate on what you mean about since there is money it wouldn’t be hard to create jobs?

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