“Genetic Engineering in Agriculture.” Union of Concerned Scientists. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 June 2017.

    According to an article titled ‘Genetic Engineering in Agriculture’ talks about the risks of genetic

  • Genetically modified food is great for us because it has better food at a lower price. for example have you ever gone to a store and seen the organic food costing more than genetically modified food and the reason

    • I agree that it is much cheaper but some people don’t know what they are eating. Some of these foods are processed and treated on animals and cause bad reactions and people don;’t even know what it actually is that they are eating or what DNAs have been mixed together to get the product that they are eating.

  • The meat industry has been extremely profitable for many years now, giving us all the meat products we love. From being sold to fast food restaurants around the world to the supermarkets nearby where we buy it.

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    I have definitely once wondered about the questions you are asking because the whole GMO thing seems like it is difficult.

  • This is great information. i had no idea about some of the things you said, it’s always great to learn something new every day and thank you for sharing this genetic engineering info, it really helped me learn about genetically modifying not only DNA but also the food we eat.

  • The application of genetic engineering that i chose was Agriculture.

    I chose agriculture because I want to find out how our food is genetically modified.

    The 3 questions :

    How are our vegetables and fruits

    • I think agriculture is important and what your saying is true but why do you think people haven’t stopped modifying plants or people haven’t stopped eating the modified plants?

  • I understand how genetic engineering is modifying the characteristics  of an organism. I also understand and learned how it manipulates the genes and how it can be used for medicine.

    The gut feeling i had once

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  • The names of the two videos I watched were ¨TED’s secret to great public speaking¨ and ¨Good and bad examples of presentation.¨

    Anderson wants the viewers to understand that public speaking is all about ide

  • The questions that I answered for myself through my creative adaption were how hard it was for me to draw the characters. I would draw Cassio and Montano the same way, and I kept struggling with it, but I ended up

  • “Do it not with poison strangle her in her bed, even the bed she hath contaminated.”(Act 4.Scene 1. lines 217-218)

    Analysis:  Iago is telling Othello to kill Desdemona. Iago even mentioned how Desdemona soiled

  • The play I chose was “Othello.” The act and scene I read were Act 3. Scene 3, and the line numbers were 199-208. The character I played was Othello.

    What I learned was how much my voice changed little by little

  • Shakespeare is still studied in schools today because in the video titled “Why study Shakespeare today?” it said that learning about shakespeare in class can really express student’s feelings about certain thing

  • The observations i made with the music video were that there were people with different nationalities, and ethnicities. This song makes me think that no matter where we come from or what we do , we are all still

  • To me, I feel like this image is really sad because over the years you see African American people getting shot by the police. It is either because they are black and the police are racist or just because the

    • I am interested in you post because you understand what is happening in society and that things could be better. You could improve on your personal image about the movement because even without experience or the feel of the situation it is possible to understand what is happening in the lives of African American citizens.

  • This image is really powerful because i have seen seen school’s use them as Mascot’s and i know that they feel disrespected by it, i would too honestly. They should ask before they want to use someone as a Mas

    • Juray,
      My school used to have a Chief as it’s mascot, and while I understand that it can be offensive, I think that ik some cases it can actually be paying respect to the history if the area. I don’t know if I would be offended by being a mascot, but I have to believe I wouldn’t really care. However, I completely understand where they are coming from and agree that permission should be asked before using them as mascots.

  • These women are fighting over something that is important to them, and i honestly think it is a good idea, women do not get the respect or credit that they deserve. As a young women i feel like i would too be in

    • Juray,
      Your post is very relevant, and I agree that women are not treated equally and need to stand up for themselves. I don’t have much experience with women putting each other down instead of up, but I do know that it happens and I agree that they should work together and not against each other. Thank you for sharing

  • To me this message is rude, disrespectful and racist because it is basically saying that people that do not speak english are not welcome there. I think it is really mean and that they should allow anyone,

    • Read into the irony of the sign as well. “Excetions” is spelled wrong too which only makes such a racist sign even more pathetic. I had a really strong reaction to it as well.

  • What i observed in this image was a message basically telling drivers to text and drive. The message says that because if you text and drive then you’ll end up being in a car accident and die, the message is a

    • I appreciate this analysis of the billboard. I’m not sure if the intent of the funeral home was to actually “motivate people to die while they drive” but more so implying that if you text and drive, you will likely end up in a funeral home. I definitely see how it can be read the other way as well though. Keep publishing your awesome thoughts.

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