• I believe that people today need to treat each other with more respect. Through personal experience, and seeing how people communicate with each other today, I notice how badly people tend to treat each other

  • Hello Michael. I find your argument very interesting, and I also prefer the traditional school years. You had some interesting supporting details, but I do question their validity. There are many instances where you make claims ,but I don’t see much evidence. For example, you say that a “majority will disagree and a few will agree with that…[Read more]

  • There are many questions pertaining to the American identity. One of these that interests me is what do foreigners think Americans values are? There are many answers to this question since there are so many

    • I am satisfied with your post becausese it talks about the different perspectives of US immigrants which some I can relate to. There are different reasons why people want to move here, but in my opinion there is just one goal: To go to a country that offers many opportunities. It is just a sad truth that there some people took a ‘dangerous journey’ just to be called “illegal immigrants”.

      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “immigrants associate with America is the ownership of a firearm”. I think this is interesting because i never thought that this can be a reason for people to migrate to US. I, myself moved to US to be with my family and grab great opportunities that my home country did not have. But migrating just for the sake of having legal firearms? I think that is a smart strategy but also dangerous. People might get hurt intentionally and accidentally.


  • Hello Kathryn. I admire your courage to speak up about a topic that can be quite controversial, and considered offensive to many people. I love that you took both positive and negative views on the idea of religion. Especially in times like these, where religious groups are being pushed into stereotypes, and foolish assumptions are being made of…[Read more]

  • Hello Adam. I find your view on freedom quite interesting. I had not considered that limitations on the ownership, production, and use of firearms as a restriction of freedom. You also helped me remember that the American government has made some rather serious mistakes in the past. Yet I think that we cannot forget that things such as the Second…[Read more]

  • Despite being the country that gives equal opportunity for all, it takes a lot of work to reach that opportunity. This is evident superman and me by Sherman Alexie, The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea, and L

    • Junhyoung, I agree with your statement that America gives opportunity for all, but you must work for it. The story of Mexican immigrants taking the Devil’s Highway is a sad truth, with people wishing to come to a utopia but instead find only fear and overcrowding. I, along with many other Americans, are ready to strive for what’s next, but there will definitely be struggles for many people and it will not be easy. This is very well written and I appreciate your thoughts.

    • Junhyoung, I agree with your idea that it takes a lot of effort to reach equal opportunity in America. Definitely for many immigrants they have no idea how unfair our country can be. I read a book called about a girl immigrating to America from the corruption of Haiti and she learns that her hopes of American equality didn’t always come true. I think that in order to reach equal opportunity immigration should be more accepted and easier to achieve. What do you think should happen in America to reach equal opportunity?

  • Hello Anna. I think I have been greatly enlightened in the ways people determine happiness. This piece really opened my eyes to the deeper complexity of one of humanities most essential, defining emotions. I loved the rhetorical questions that you had added in. They heavily influenced me to reconsider an idea that I thought could be understood so…[Read more]

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