• My name is Julissa, i am 14 years old and i live in the lower east side which is where i have lived my whole life. I was born in Bellevue hospital on 462 1st avenue in New York.

          I like to play a lot o

    • That’s cool that you have so many interests! I relate because there are so many things I wish I could do in life, but I know that I can’t do it all. Right now I’m thinking about going into business to try and help LGBTQ+ people get access to things that they need. I want to do that because of one of my past experiences. Do you have any other memories that shape what you’re interested in?

    • awwwww

    • Dear Julissa,
      Your bio is really well written. You do an amazing job describing yourself. I definitely agree with you when you say you think you’re a great dancer. You have so many different interests and its so cool. You have really great goals. I really like that you make personal connections throughout your writing. The memory you gave us is really interesting. It gave me a different aspect about you.
      I like how you are also looking into the future a bit. I to am looking into the future and thinking about what I want to deal with my life. I personally think you should do something that involves helping people. You’re so helpfully and bubbly. You do a great job at making everyone smile.
      I can’t wait to see more of your work.

    • you seem to have been into a lot of sports, according to the “etc. ” you seem to have a wide imagination, though i cannot relate to much because i dont have a brother or sister

      ya heard?

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    Hey HAILEY i love your story in every way because it reminds me of my life, i don’t really have to take care of anyone like 24/7 and for that i think you are very smart and strong to be able to cope with taking care of yourself and your little sister. I have a 4 year-old nephew and a 7- month old niece, i have to help/ sometimes i volunteer to…[Read more]

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    I like how you searched for information explaining how different your life could of been if you weren’t born into your family that are construction workers. But how you realized it was for a good reason because you know how to do a lot more than the average teen. It also can benefit you in life, so i’m glad you found out that construction working/…[Read more]

  • Hey Genesis, i love your story and i wish you had written more. However you did a good job on the hook in the end because i wanted to read more, i was confused because you said in the beginning that you are Dominican and then you told that story about the young girl. But i like the connection, i am also Dominican and i’m always disappointed when i…[Read more]

  • I am from a quiet but also crazy community.I am from a nosy community, where anyone      would like to know something about you.I am from my mom’s first small, memory filled apartment,      she got when she fir

    • Jullissa, this was super creative! It was also super interesting! This has made me get to know you more so thanks for sharing your story

  • I remember going ice skating, bowling, and to the movies a lot when i was younger with my mom. I remember getting hit in the mouth with a softball 2 times. I remember doing ballet, karate, and art when i was in

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    wow kalina i like this poem very much because it makes me laugh, but it also sounds like it can be related or connected to different things. And i like you draw readers in with the photo and the title, so BE HAPPY it is a very good poem.

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    I really love how you worded what we should do with our comfort zone, and why we shouldn’t always be in it. Because sometimes when we step out of it, we can discover new things or be opened up to a whole new world.

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                                         Sunbeams shining even if                                         They are small, always                                         Watching when you fall.                       

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