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    Perfect is Overrated

    In recent years, tech companies that run popular social media platforms have found ways to manipulate and control what people think by brainwashing their mostly teenage users through misinformation, peer pressure tactics, and harmful academic pressures. Society is like...

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    • I think this is a great topic to explore especially because we are seniors at a college prep high school. We work super hard to get great grades and impress colleges to further our education. I liked your use of evidence as you had many different quotes to prove and further your points about how perfectionism ruins teenagers self image. I feel like you should dig deeper into the analysis of what the effects of perfectionism are and what that leads to.

    • Dear Julia,

      I am thrilled by your post “Perfect is Overrated” because mean teens try to be the perfect image. They try to meet the beauty and other standards that society had put up. Even though you should just be yourself and accept who you are as a person.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: ” Social Media has the ability to create a false reality which can lead to a toxic mindset.” I think this is serious because many teens try to become like the celebrities they see on social media. They try to change themselves to look like them and it can result in harming their body.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this is a topic that I like to talk about and being a part of. As a teen, I can understand where some of these teens are coming from. Most of the things you said are relatable.


    • Dear Julia,

      In your post, “Perfect is Overrated,” I learned how social media influences young people to believe otherwise about their bodies. Social media influences them to grow up way too fast than they should. It doesn’t show the truth. Many are taught that they have to change or dress and have a specific body type to fit in in today’s society. Where if they don’t have the latest trending things or a specific figure that they cant fit in with everyone else. Social media can affect many people in a negative way because it brainwashes them and pressures them. Which a huge variety of them are teenagers.

      Social media has a huge impact on teenagers and everyone else. It manipulates them to either grow up to fast or try to fit in and change who they are, which is not good. We can’t believe everything we see on social media is true because it’s not. Lots of it is false. And I also don’t like how teens and other kids get manipulated into believing they must change. They should be able to be comfortable with themselves and be who they really are instead of trying so hard to be someone they aren’t or something that isn’t even a reality.

      A sentence that stood out to me was, “Perfectionism radiates off of social media and academic pressures. In school, there is pressure to do good and get acceptable grades. Some students push themselves to get only 100% on everything which is usually very hard to do.” It grabbed my attention because not only do they talk about how social media affects people on the way they view themself and their perspective of beauty standards for both females and males but they mention academics. The reason for this is because on social media as we know not everything is true and people can create this mindset for others that if you get the best grades and get the best academics in school that “There is a stereotype that you need to get all A’s in order to enter the real-world and experience a true job in your major.”

      While yes, part of it is true, good grades are needed but not to the point where it affects you negatively. Such as punishing yourself or falling into depression. Grades can be a huge matter to one. It can cause many negative effects where you can feel completely worn out and no longer have the motivation to keep trying. That’s what we don´t want and that’s a concept on the media that makes it unrealistic for teens and makes it hard on them. We should always try out best no matter what and be who we are. We should never let social media convince us nor make us believe to change because not everything we see on social media is true.

      Do you believe everything you see on social media is true? If so what have you believe to be true? How did it affect you?

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    Awesome evidence supporting your claim of jazz dance and how it has impacted our society in America. I loved how you took the reader through the history of jazz and focused on how it brought diverse cultures in America together by, “expressing themselves without focusing on their differences.” However I wish you would have elaborated more on how…Read More

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    The Pressure of Falling in Love

    During our high school years, the center of attention, without fail, is drama from relationships and the pressure that surrounds relationships. There is a new level of freedom that comes with going to high school, getting a driver's license,...

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    • I agree, I think it can be very stressful and people make big deals out of it and force it but building relationships should be a natural process.

    • I agree, many people feel the need to get into a relationship just for the thrill of it. They don’t fully understand and think that it is what they HAVE to do. Not all relationships are going to be successful, and it often is due to a feeling of being rushed.

    • I think it was right of you to say that in high school we feel a lot of pressure to act a certain way because I’ve witnessed it. I also agreed when you said how people can often feel like they need to be in a relationship from what they’ve seen on social media.

    • JULIA!! I could not agree more and I love the way you bring the pressures of society in teenagers to life! I think it would be really cool if you added more information about the media effects it but good job!!!

    • This was really well written! I couldn’t agree more that pressures of social media are just added stress to a teenagers life. I feel like people shouldn’t be rushed into anything based on those pressures until they figure out who they are as their own person. You touched base on how relationships can cause anxiety and different emotions brought out through social media, expanding on those effects would really drive your central point and complete the piece. Great job!

    • Dear Julia,

      In your post ”The Pressure of Falling in Love,” you say that there are certain obstacles that we will encounter and you have to learn to overcome them and that anxiety of dating in high school can feel like a weight on your shoulders. High schoolers need to realize that you shouldn’t start dating if you don’t know who you are yet, or don’t love yourself enough to be able to love someone else.

      I think what is happening is important to know information that students can use and understand.I agree, many people feel the need to get into a relationship just for the thrill of it. They don’t fully understand and think that it is what they have to do. Not all relationships are going to be successful, and it often is due to a feeling of being rushed.

      What do you think is caused by the pressure of falling in love?



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