•           Shadow box

    Julian Alvarez


    My box show my race, Latino, and my ethnicity, Mexican. It also may show my counter narrative. You can see the Oakland tree. I put it there because I was raised in

    • Dear Julian Alvarez,

      I am very very happy by your work of art “shadow box” because I got to learn new things about you. Even though the box was not finished, it was cool to learn what you like. One part of your artwork that stood out was that you put that purple was for both females and males because that proves you have respect for everyone. Thank you for posting this because I got to know you better and I hope you keep creating more art.

  • dear Dynasty Spinks

    i do agree with you about how people should not be scared because of there skin color or race.One reason i say that is because i know people that just go from school and home and don’t come out because they are scared that people might hurt them just because of there race. Another reason i agree with you is because i think…[Read more]

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