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  • Hey Lauren,

    I agree with what you said throughout this post and I also believe there are positive and negative effects to the use of social media. Though it can be used to communicate with friends and family from a distance, it also provides a way for strangers to come in contact with others and provides a way for unwanted information to be…Read More

  • Julia G. wrote a new post

    The Pay Gap Between Men and Women

    Women have recently sought higher education and have been pursuing longer hours at work, yet they continue to be paid less than men. Men continue to make more than women, especially women of differing races or ethnicities. This is...

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  • Hey Maia,
    I really liked how you included that there were positives and negatives to social media and the different uses for social media. You did well explaining the extent to which social media can be used such as for school projects and also outside of school as a way to connect with friends and family. Though social media can have a large…Read More

  • Julia G. wrote a new post

    An Explanation to Lucid Dreaming

    The idea of lucid dreaming seems impossible to some due to the complexity of the dreams and how simple it would be to just open your eyes. Though it may be difficult to stay asleep once one realizes they...

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    • Julia, I really enjoyed this piece and I definitely learned a lot about lucid dreaming and the brain. Lucid dreaming has always been one of those things that I knew happened, but I never really understood how. That’s why I especially enjoyed your descriptions of parts of the brain involved in lucid dreaming and your clear explanations of how they work (especially the temporoparietal junction, it never gets the recognition it deserves). Good job! I look forward to more from you!

    • I’m really fascinated by this information! I have experienced lucid dreaming before but never understood what it truly was. I always thought that emotions and thoughts impacted dreams but didn’t know it’s what creates them!

    • Julia, I found your post about Lucid dreaming very interesting, especially the science behind it. I have always been interested in the concept of lucid dreaming, as I used to make attempts of having some sort of chance with them. Unfortunately, I have yet to experience one, so it’s still something very foreign to me. Something that caught my eye was: “This causes one to feel like they are in a state of consciousness and acting like they normally would, while in a dream…The explanation behind lucid dreaming is related to the complex composition of our thoughts and emotions in our brain.” The fact that you could be aware and conscious that you’re in a dream is fascinating to me because you’re able to make actions out of your own free will. I think there could also be a possibility in the future of artificially making dreams through technology and creating an array of opportunities that it could be used for. Thanks for writing. I enjoyed the topic you wrote about, so I hope to see what you have next.

    • Julia,
      I found your article very informational and intriguing. It was really interesting to read and understand how the brain allows one to lucid dream and the different areas of the brain that are needed to do this specific kind of dreaming. I think if you explained how to lucid dream or what it allows someone to dream about as well as how the brain is able to do it, that would really pull the article together. Great job!

    • Dear Julia, I really enjoyed reading your post, “An Explanation To Lucid Dreaming” because it’s an interesting topic. Also, I have tried to control my dreams but I couldn’t. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was “Though it may be difficult to stay asleep once one realizes they are dreaming, it is always possible to.” This is interesting to me because whenever I realize when I dream I tend to wake up because it gets hard to stay asleep. Also when I go to sleep I never realize that I am sleeping, I just feel my body relaxing. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to what you write next.

    • Julia, I was really fascinated by your post “An Explanation to Lucid Dreaming”. This is a topic that I have been drawn to before as I’m aware of the complexity behind the science of lucid dreaming, which is why I’ve always wanted to obtain a better understanding of it. A sentence that stood out to me was, “The explanation behind lucid dreaming is related to the complex composition of our thoughts and emotions in our brain.” We don’t realize how powerful our minds really are, to the fascinating capabilities that affect our dreams. I really enjoyed reading your piece and look forward to reading more of your work.

  • I liked how you mentioned that Hallmark movies are an escape from reality because Hallmark movies allow us to envelop ourselves in a simple plot with a predictable storyline. Even though the movies may be cheesy, those watching get attached to the characters and are happy for them when everything works out in the end. I found your post interesting…Read More

  • Julia G. wrote a new post

    What is Lucid Dreaming?

    Whether you are breathing underwater or flying across the world with wings you grew yourself, dreams feel so vivid in the moment that one does not even question the complexity of their abilities. But when your alarm wakes you...

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    • Julia, I liked how you started by explaining the realities of normal dreams because the contrast between normal dreams and lucid dreams really emphasized what makes lucid dreams different. I also liked how you gave specific examples as to how one can tell that they are dreaming. It was interesting how you also provided specific data to prove that lucid dreaming is not very common compared to regular dreaming.

  • I really liked how you used Good Will Hunting to describe the importance of language because there are multiple ways language is conveyed. As you mentioned, in one of the therapy sessions the two sat in silence as Sean waited for Will to speak. Sean had studied Will’s body language as well as the way he talked in order to conclude that Will n…Read More

  • Julia G. wrote a new post

    The Development of Sign Language

    Language is used as a way to communicate one’s thoughts and feelings to others in order to achieve an understanding of a problem or situation. There are many different languages, but they are all used for the same purpose...

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    • Hi Julia!

      I was interested in your post because I am fascinated by the influence of language and how it contributes to the connections we form with other people. I like how you focused your discussion on one specific language, especially a language that is unique due to the fact that it is not verbal. You did a good job of defining what ASL is, explaining how it is used, and the ways in which current events have affected the effectiveness of the language, such as mask mandates. I like how you discussed how big-name companies are accommodating to the needs of those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. I saw the example you mentioned of Starbucks putting cameras by the speaker where you order on Tik Tok and thought it was a good idea on their part. I’ve seen a prevalence of the importance of sign language on Tik Tok and other forms of social media with creators including closed captions on their content and even some using ASL in addition to that. Thank you for your post, and I look forward to seeing what you write next!

    • Dear Julia:
      I am intrigued by your post, “The Development of Sign Language,” because it gives me an insight into how sign language was developed and how it has helped those to communicate who are deaf or are hard of hearing. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ Overall, the development and recognition of sign language over the past few years has had a positive impact on the communication of those who are hearing impaired. ” I think this is relative because it shows how much of an improvement that today’s world is doing with the understanding and the development of sign language.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because it brings great attention to things that most people wouldn’t deem important.

  • I really liked the example you used because it shows the impact of empathy. Ernie and his wife put Michael’s needs in front of theirs in order to give MIchael the life he deserves. They knew they could not leave Michael and allow him to be abandoned. I also agree with you that empathy can tear down stereotypes because when someone has empathy f…Read More

  • Julia G. wrote a new post

    Empathy and Its Relation to Individuality

    A single story, as defined by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is a phrase used to describe the “overly simplistic and sometimes false perceptions we form about individuals, groups or countries” (Stereotypes). The single story that was implied about Adichie when...

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  • I really liked what you conveyed about our generation being very empathetic and I strongly agree with you. I feel most of our generation takes into consideration the needs of others before their own. I liked how you mentioned the young people who stand up for what they believe and you also proved our generation is not at all lazy and instead caring.



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