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  • I liked how you discussed that society does not really accept mental disorders because this is a major problem in society. Schools should be a place where mental disorders are accepted, and teachers and administration teach children how to manage these disorders. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many students still struggle with these issues,…Read More

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    The Problem with Ride-sharing

    Just imagine: you just had a great night out with your friends, and you need a ride home. Your friends can not take you home, and you have no one to call to pick you up because it is...

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    • Julia,
      I like how you introduced your blog post with a practical example that catches the reader’s attention. I agree with your point that ride share services have several problems that users often do not consider before getting into a stranger’s vehicle. You used strong evidence from a variety of sources to support your claim. Additionally, your analysis of the quotes helps the reader understand your argument. I agree with your point that, “The consequences of location sharing have no mercy for who the passenger is, which is why it is important for the passenger to turn off their location as soon as they can.” This presents a possible solution to this problem and gives the reader practical advice.

    • Oftentimes, when we hear negative news about ride-sharing services, it has to do with a scandalous CEO, how they mistreat their drivers, or exorbitant price hikes. Rarely do we analyze the more poignant and existential dangers of ride sharing. Perhaps we should. This is rather telling, I think, of how easy it is to focus on the non-human aspects of tech companies. We love corporate drama, workers rights, and low prices, but we often forget about the people behind the wheel; but not as often as those in the back seat. It is morally reprehensible that ride-sharing apps consistently fail to consider the safety of rider and driver; but hardly unsurprising. Were you to expand on your work, I would be interested to hear about how location sharing and other lack-safety measures impact drivers and those who operate ride sharing services. Great post!

    • Julia,
      I found it really interesting how you opened up your post with imagery and putting the reader into the place of the story. It gave me goosebumps when reading what you said about passengers forgetting to turn off their location. I also think it is really dangerous as a passenger who is heading home. Usually they give their address to the driver to put into his or her maps. That address can always be saved and then some random person knows where you live.
      Good Job Julia!

    • Julia, I really enjoyed reading your article and I think that it brought up some very valuable things to consider when using Lyft or Uber. I like how you mentioned, “For example, the customer does not see what kind of insurance the driver has, so the customer does not know if they will be covered in a car accident. The uncertainty will deter the amount of customers these companies will receive.” I think this is very important to make sure that the driver has insurance and that if an accident does occur, everyone involved will be protected. I agree that the uncertainty will lead people away from these companies. I think your article is very informative and will allow people to think more about their safety and consider the consequences of ridesharing.

    • Julia, I found reading your post very interesting, you brought up many good points to consider. I liked the introduction to your blog and how it caught the readers attention. The point you brought up about not knowing the insurance that the driver has is also valid. Sharing our location is something that is extremely dangerous in our society now. Not only with ride sharing, but also with any other form of social media, there are creepy people and sharing our location can always bring up new issues in our lives.

  • Hey Paige!
    I love this blog post! As a Catholic, it saddens me that I did not recognize this. I knew that Christians were persecuted in different countries, but it never occurred to me that Christians were being persecuted on different social media platforms, like TikTok. As someone who scrolls through TikTok, I am not surprised by your research…Read More

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    Why Is Reading Important?

    People around the world have different hobbies, whether that be a sport, singing, a volunteer position, or even a fun job. These various activities have one thing in common; they bring you something. Whether that be joy, connecting with...

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    • Julia,
      I enjoyed reading your post, and I agree with all of the points you made. I liked when you said, “Taking a break from our own lives and stepping into the life of another allows us to be transported into a situation that we may never be able to experience ourselves.” This was a great point that you made because I believe that this is applicable to all literature. I also appreciated how you made your post personal as you gave examples from your own life to reinforce your argument.

    • Julia,
      I really liked your post and I enjoyed reading about your thoughts on why reading is important. One point you made that stood out to me was that reading can reduce stress. This is very important because we often need an escape from the real world and reading, in my opinion, is the closest thing to that. It seems as if stress is everywhere we look and escaping through a good book relieves that stress and allows you to focus on something other than your daily to-do list. I also liked how you included personal examples in order to connect with the people reading your post.

    • Julia,
      I loved how you brought up multiple points about the benefits of reading and took time to expand on them. I think it is great how you mentioned that reading not only works with reducing stress, but that it can aid in your learning as well. Overall, awesome job! Your blog is very well written.

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    The Importance of Being Bilingual

    Previously, I wrote a post about language development. I wanted to expand on this topic, specifically the concept of speaking multiple languages. Overtime, languages have multiplied and have spread all around the world. However, most of our population speaks...

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