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Becoming an Upstander

“Everything Rainbow” was a movement my teammate and I created in order to fight for LGBTQ+ rights and health in our school and community. There is huge normalization of homophobic language at our school and lack of empathy which became the focus and target when organizing and planning. My teammate and I created and organized a lesson plan that would […]

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Are You an Ally to the LGBTQ Community?

April 26th, 2019, Dear Middle Schoolers: We are writing to you because as high schoolers, we understand how difficult and sometimes overwhelming it can be to be our authentic selves at school. School is one of the main places we grow and develop our different identities but it is hard to do so when everyone around consistently makes it clear […]

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Inclusion and Safety in OUSD

Does inclusion lead to safety? Oakland is filled with all types of people but the classrooms don’t always embody that diversity. One can see that there are voices missing in Oakland schools whether it’s through the identities of protagonists being read about or the way they get talked about. When voices get ignored, the struggles of those who are oppressed, […]

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The Universe Within Us

For this poem I had to connect a topic from Shakespear to my own life. I chose to write about my mom because my topic is about love. I look forward to reading your comments!   The Universe Within Us Ever since you left the sanctuary of your home, Gunshot after gunshot Scream past your ear But all you do […]

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Judith’s Shadow Box

When people look at me, they are only seeing what the stereotypes created by the dominant narrative taught them to see. They see a young Latina who is expected to stay silent and stay down. This isn’t true which is why I decided to represent my counter narrative and what my identities actually represent through my shadow box. On the […]

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