• Judith commented on the post, Yasmin’s Shadow box 3 weeks ago

    Dear Yasmin,
    I am proud of you and your shadow box because of how awesome it came out. It’s beautiful and the effort you put in it is noticeable. I also really enjoyed reading your statement. One of my favorite sections was when you explained why you didn’t include your nationality. It was relatable and cool. I also loved reading what you had to…[Read more]

  • Judith commented on the post, My Shadow Box 1 month ago

    Dear Wendy,
    I love how you decorated your box and I loved your reasoning behind the black rose. It was cool and I hadn’t thought about it like that before. However, I wonder how the black rose connects to your identity.

    I also liked reading what you wrote about your award and your hoops. Your hoops are the coolest and you look the coolest w…[Read more]

  • Dear Anthony,
    I really like your shadow box and artist statement. I like the way you wrote it and a lot of what you said was pretty relatable. I also learned a lot about you which is cool because we don’t really talk like that. I also like the reasoning on why you included those colors on your shadow box. But, I don’t understand why you cho…[Read more]

  • When people look at me, they are only seeing what the stereotypes created by the dominant narrative taught them to see. They see a young Latina who is expected to stay silent and stay down. This isn’t true which i

  • Dear Alison,
    I learned a lot through looking at your shadow box and reading your artist statement. Something that stood out to me was the writing you included on the outside. I noticed that you included one of Rupi Kaur’s poem which was really cool because I love her poetry as well. Something I learned about you after reading your statement was…[Read more]

  • Dear Kamyiah,

    I am enlightened about your shadow box because I learned new information about you that I didn’t know before. You also have a lot of objects that have multiple representations and meanings.
    One part that stands out to me is the flags you included. This stood out to me because I didn’t know you are Native American but it’s very…[Read more]

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