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    what climate change has done

    In this text the central idea is why people don’t see climate change as a huge deal.  In support of their central idea, the author writes ,”As the Earth’s temperature continues to rise, fueling more intense storms and extreme...

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    Climate change issues

    In this text the central idea is talking about the causes of climate change.  In support of their central idea, the author writes ,”Since the Industrial Revolution, human activities have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse...

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    • This post supports all the big reasons as to why climate change is such a big thing today, and I think if not controlled it could lead to something bad in the future. This drew me to the post because I am intrigued by the topic of climate change and the effect it has on the environment. It is a spectacle due to the fact that some of these human activities that are direct causes to the carbon dioxide increases can’t be controlled like transportation, gaseous industries and so on. It’s a living necessity and it’s more important than is brought up.

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    Climate Change causes

    In this text the central idea is to stop producing a lot of carbon dioxide.  In support of their central idea, the author writes ,”The Trump administration repealed the 2015 Clean Power Plan, which established guidelines for states to...

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    • Dear Juan, 
      Which agencies like the one you mention can help the government do something to avoid so much gas production that affects carbon dioxide, which is also affecting our planet a lot. This happens mainly due to pride factories which emit many gases into the atmosphere of our planet.
      Something I wonder is How can we prevent factories from polluting our planet?

    • Dear Juan,

      Your post made me think how carbon dioxide is really bad for the environment and should be put to a stop. It is also good that they made a law where for them to stop letting off too much carbon dioxide. Something I wonder is why is so much carbon dioxide is let off from power plants.


      Gabriel R.

    • Dear Juan
      your post made me realize that carbon dioxide is not getting any better but hurting the environment. The good thing is that they have put off a law where the carbon dioxide is letting of slowly. something i wonder is why do the power plants only us carbon dioxide and not other things that can may still hurt the environment but not as much.

  • Dear Roy, your post made me think that gun owners should support this due to having children. I think their decision is because guns could be dangerous if children are around. Something I wonder is why are gun owners scared of this.

    Sincerely Juan,

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    Unveiling the Catastrophic Impact of Climate Change: A Dire Warning!

    The article "Effects on Climate Change" by NASA discusses the various effects of climate change and what we can do to prevent it. One piece of evidence from this article is, "Global climate change is not a future problem....

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    • Dear Juan,
      Your post made me think that climate change is a very huge situation. Seeing that glaciers are starting to thaw early in their climate and the amount of carbon emissions being released is contributing to the rise of greenhouse gases really shows me how this is endangering our planet. Something I wonder is why are people continuing to release large amounts of carbon emissions when they are aware of the climate changing in so many places?
      Jason Sanchez

    • Dear Juan,

      Your post made me think of the world’s current climate problem where we experienced hot days during september when it should have been less hot and more chilly. I think we should also take it more seriously because it can cause major consequences. Something I wonder, is the purposes of all the things that are causing climate to change.

      Cristian Monroy

    • Dear Juan,

      Post made me think of many people don’t take climate change seriously because they haven’t experienced something like this. I think that we should take climate change because it can majorly affect where we live. Something I wonder is what would happen if we don’t make a difference on climate change.


    • Dear Juan, your post made me think about how we should take climate change seriously because it is severely affecting the earth in a bad way.Something I wonder is why do people not understand that climate change is bad and it could have disastrous consequences.


    • Dear Juan,

      Your post made me think that Climate Change is a very serious problem that we have occuring. We must start to find new ways to live that will less harm the world. Something I wonder is if there is anyone that is taking acton, or if everyone is just ignoring this?

      Giovanni Rosas

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