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  • Hey Andre great article, it was clear that you are interested in the topic, I go to the gym, and I have membership. I like how they want people going to the gym, and influence people to go to the gym and stay healthy. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. A healthy body need a healthy mind. The gym community is very welcoming and I feel like love…Read More

  • Having someone like Rapinoe tell her story and what she went through, what she had to accomplish, is very interesting to me especially because I play soccer and I enjoy playing the sport. It was nice to read what you felt and how you felt while reading this book.
    I personally feel a connection with this article, I’ve trained and played against the…Read More

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    Hey Selena, I’m close to my mom too, my dad is more strict. I would love to visit Brooklyn and Bronx. I like your writing and how honest you are in your writing. I’m also confused about life and how life works. I hope we both find our place in this world.

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    College Tuition

    College should be cheaper. It should be cheaper so that students are more motivated to go to college and study a career, people in general should be motivated to gain knowledge. You shouldn’t put a price on knowledge but people...

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    I find this topic useful and very interesting, I’ve meet people who’ve been cut of from organisations due to have THC in their system. Ultimate Fighting Champlain of UFC for short have stopped the testing for THC. The reason it’s an argument is cause people think it’s a performance enhancing drug but studies proven that…Read More

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College Tuition

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