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    We have chosen to study why parents don’t like social media,video games, this issue is important to me because I deal with some of these issues for example my parents don’t like violent video games because they

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      dear juan in addition many people are impacted by this and in result of that they cant play online with there friends.

    • Hey Juan
      Your title really caught my attention haha but I totally agree with you, video games, or any form of social media or entertainment won’t necessarily make you violent, or a bad person. Here’s an article where I think you can learn more about video games and real life violence. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/05/health/video-games-violence-explainer/index.html

    • Juan,

      Firstly the title is definitely one that catches people’s attention. Secondly, I really enjoyed your input on the topic. It is undeniably an issue that arises in modern society. Many of the games that are released receive the mature rating. I don’t believe that violent video games cause players to act in violent fashions. In fact many studies have shown that this isn’t the case as you stated here, “video games don’t cause violence because there’s been many scientific studies that debunked that issue it’s more about the person’s mental state and instead of blaming people they blame video games.” However it can indeed be hard to convince parent’s or “Boomers” to allow violent video games to be played. If you can’t seem to convince them I would recommend looking into a Nintendo switch. Most games don’t exceed a teen rating however they are still some of the best selling games on the market. Additionally you could consider an alternative option such as a board game like clue. Thanks for your input, I look forward to seeing what you write next.

      Check out this article.

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