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    Dear Josue,
    I think your post was good because sideshows are a part of Oakland in a way that the community enjoys them and spend a good time watching, they have fun and that’s part of the culture now. A line that stood out to me was “Sideshows build a community by congregating everyone together from different places. Also it can show how Oakland…[Read more]

  • It is clear that Oakland residents need to know more about the history of their land which includes the Ohlone, the Peraltas, and how it became Oakland. To begin, this is a quote given by Jose who was a

    • Hello Juan,
      I am a student from SJSU.
      I feel that your post has a lot of research about the history of Oakland. As someone who has a sister going to school there in Berkeley it connected with me.
      When you say that “Oakland residents need to know more about the history of their own land” I wondered about the basis for your argument. How do you know that Oakland residents do not know about this history?
      I find it interesting you did not mention how Oakland got its name. Oakland was derived from the oak trees it has. Splendid isn’t it? A land of oak. This one who chose this name was Horace W. Carpenter, an owner of a ferry service that brought him there to Oakland in the first place.
      Thank you so much for the time you spent writing this piece.
      I enjoyed it.

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    By: Juan Gil

    When people look at me they see my assigned identity which is being light-skinned and sometimes they think I am White. But my chosen identity is Latino, a Mexican. I have chosen to include the

    • I’m a student at San Jose State University

      I found it interesting that you included how many people think you’re white due to your skin color. I really liked how you included that you’re proud to be Latino, Mexican, and I like how you included the different objects that help represent you.

    • Hey Juan! I am a student at San Jose State University! I really connected to your shadow box because a lot of people do not think I am Mexican because I am light-skinned. What I found interesting was the wall that you included that represents a struggle. I enjoyed all of the Mexican objects that you displayed in your box.

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