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    Do Not Believe Everything You See Online

    Nothing everything you see online is true. Some posts or comments can mislead you into something else so irrelevant to what you were looking up. The web is full of false information, from fake photos that look 100 percent real to viral hoaxes on Instagram to biased sites.  Most of the time, bots take over. Bots are found in several social...

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    • Dear Juan:

      I am impressed with your post, “Do Not Believe Everything You See Online” because it is one hundred percent accurate how everyone who uses the internet can be fooled by posts and comments just by the web containing false information. I think it is very interesting how bots work on the internet and how you can tell when a post is commented on by bots that have a lot of evidence of fake information.

      One sentence that you wrote that caught my attention was: “Make sure you check the handle.” I believe that this sentence stands out in your post because it is the guarantee of checking a post that is filled with bots misleading people and so to figure out if bots are tricking people you have to see if the account is verified, the comment is grammarly correct, and make sure it is an original post. 

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to reading what you write next because I enjoyed your explanation of how the internet can have false information and can be spread in an instant to trick viewers and readers. I also would like to know if you’ve ever been misled by a post.


    • Dear Juan, 
      I am very interested in your post, “Do Not Believe Everything You See Online” because some people actually tend to think that everything on the internet isn’t false information. I think its interesting that many people believe false information because they simply see some fact online and they go with it without actually knowing what it is or what it means. 
      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was that “Bots are found in several social media accounts and spread out false information to mislead people.” I thought this was crazy because there are many false statements made by these bots and they are truly everywhere on the internet. Even when wanting to buy something online you get it taken away by bots. This has truly become a problem within the internet and I think it should be fixed by not letting people put random information on the internet without a credible source or so. 
      Overall, thank you for your writing. I look forward to reading your next post because I like how passionate you are about false information on the internet. I would like for you to go into depth on this topic ! 

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    Are Shooting Games a Reality?

    In Afghanistan, a country where war doesn't stop in any time soon, children and teens find themselves escaping reality for hours at a time. Afghanistan, a country where it has been at war for more than 40 years,...

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  • Juan commented on the post, Covid Vaccines

    Yes, I think Covid-19 vaccines should be mandatory due to the fact that they can’t stop the spread. According to your post, it was sort of biased due to the fact you gave your personal thoughts and mutual feelings about the situation. I disagree with you since I believe that when taking the vaccines, grants you immunity to the virus, and you as a…Read More

  • Hey Alvaro, I am very impressed with your post and the unbiased points you proved. For instance, it was very important of you to note the two sides of social media, the one that is entertaining and distracts you from the world, and the other where it questions your self worth. I think it is very amusing how social media can be so bright but yet so…Read More

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    Is Big Tech Getting Out of Hand?

    In the article, "Is Big Tech Too Powerful," I learned that big corporations such as Google and Amazon are becoming illegal monopolies. This has now been investigated by the Department of Justice back in October 2020. Why Google...

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