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  • Juan wrote a new post

    Post Office Trouble?

    In the article, "Post Office Panic," I learned that with this Covid-19 pandemic going around, it is delaying deliveries at the postal office. The post office delivers paychecks, medicines, and online products are being delayed due to the current...

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    • Dear Juan :
      I am fascinated by your post, “Post Office Trouble?,” because I agree that many people depend on the post office for important things as you mentioned. Now, to see the post office in trouble, many people will begin to panic and there will be a huge delay on many things.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “It is frustrating that important incoming mail is being delayed to a crisis such as Covid-19.” I think this is correct because most changes caused by COVID-19 have been frustrating and with a huge impact on the post office, there is bound to be lots of frustration. Many people depend on the post office to deliver and receive important messages, objects, checks, etc., meaning if they don’t there will be frustration.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because we share similar ideas on certain things. I like how you address your opinion on important problems we have today.

  • Juan wrote a new post

    Does Age Define Your Maturity?

    In the article, "When are you really an adult," I learned that in different societies, the age to be considered an adult varies. In Vermont, State Senator, John Rodgers believed that 21 year olds are capable to be developmentally...

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    • Dear Juan,
      I found this piece quite interesting! Your research on adulthood not only in the US, but in other countries was quite intriguing, and a topic I have never thought about before. I agree with your statement at the end, 18 years old does seem to young to be considered an adult. I think this topic opens up extensive discussions about age and maturity in all sectors of our lives. If one is not mature at 18, why can they still be drafted into the army to fight and die for our country? Contrastingly, if age is just a number, why is the voting age nationally 18 when age doesn’t correlate to mental capability? Your writing is quite thought-provoking!

  • Juan wrote a new post

    The Forgotten Ones

    In Venezuela, the economy is not as wealthy as other places. In fact, many parents flee Venezuela in search of work, leaving hundreds and thousands of their children to fend for themselves. Venezuela parents leave to find work, food...

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