• What play did you choose? What act, scene and line numbers did you choose?

    Othello. Act 3, Scene 3, lines 207-223.

    Which character did you play?


    What did you learn about the

  • The two passages below from Shakespeare’s Othello describe Iago’s manipulation of Othello and his marriage along with the feelings of pain and confusion Desdemona experiences from the effects of this manipulation.

  • Charlie,

    This post is awesome. I did some research on panspermia for the astronomy poster for physics that we had to do, and found some very cool data analytics. While looking online relating to this subject, I found that there is a solar system containing about 6 or 7 planets that are extremely close to each other. The article further describes…[Read more]

  • Lindsay,

    I enjoyed reading your post. I completely agree with your standpoint that “people are our paths to happiness.” The part in your post that touched me the most was your last paragraph, especially when you write of purpose and how everyone plays into the way we build up our happiness. Because this is third quarter, my bitter-sweet side…[Read more]

  • There are many psychological treatments for individuals seeking medical attention whether to treat or manage a mental illness. Therapy is one of the common courses of action to take in finding help. The form of

  • Anna,
    I think you post is very important for people to read. I truly believe that conservation efforts are vital for this planet. I really enjoyed learning about that fact that when people buy guns in select states, the taxes placed on those arms would help the conservation endeavor. I thought that this website would interest you,…[Read more]

  • Andrea,
    I found your post to be very insightful. I especially found your analyzation on the communication factor between aliens and us to be very true, “The comparison between modern humans and the Neanderthals is the best analogy between us and aliens.” One article that I enjoyed discusses Stephan Hawking’s view on a possible result if there were…[Read more]

  • There are many types of therapy in the world that can help with an individuals emotions such as anxiety, depression, or even erratic thoughts that need a place to subside. One form of therapy that can be done

    • I think writing is a form of therapy. And it can really help if you don’t want to talk to someone about what you are going through. Writing can help clear your mind, it is a way of letting everything all out.

    • Hey Thomas, I like your post about writing, and how important writing is to a human being. Writing is a very powerful tool and weapon, many say that writing is one of the most powerful weapon in the world. I like how you state “the act of writing in a consistent way opens up the human mind in ways that could never have been opened before” writing helps creativity and free’s one mind from the real world. I found an interesting article that you may want to look at (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/tomas-laurinavicius/reasons-why-writing-remai_b_12701380.html). Anyways thanks for your post and I look forward to see what you write next.

    • Thomas,
      Yes! Writing is a personal outlet, and even a data log for humanity’s experience. Throughout history scribes, and now what we call journalists have always been prevalent in society. Which is why I worry that people would choose to say ‘journalism is a dying craft.’ Because writing is critical for social analysis, and self-reflection.

      I think the art of writing can be used in the most helpful ways, like you said. The form of language is powerful and moving, although, I can assume more people think writing is typing now. I prefer picking up my journal rather than posting to twitter. I don’t believe a character limit has the same effect as an old fashioned pen and paper; so including “how you write” may explain another dynamic layer to why writing unveils human emotion.

      Check out this source, written by Kristin Wong (https://lifehacker.com/journaling-showdown-writing-vs-typing-1792942629), she briefly explains how writing on paper has a tendency to feel more gratifying.

      <3, Averi

    • i love this writing, I believe writing can be a type of therapy to heal the mind and let a person express themselves.

  • Eric,
    I am glad to find that someone else shares my interest in the matter of determinism. I find this topic incredibly fascinating, and the way you include the human’s capacity or potential to read someone’s mind to influence a predestined path for them is very thought provoking. I encourage you to read my post of determinism as well. You can…[Read more]

  • Hailey,
    I think your post is very informative. I have always been interested in twins and sibling relationships as well as if twins had higher intuition in communication amongst their siblings. I thought that the portion describing how a baby develops inside the womb, especially if there are twins, is fascinating and kind of creepy. I have heard…[Read more]

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  • The process of my research thus far concerning human interaction and the way humans emulate, or try to emulate, emotions through literature is highly distressing. I have never had a harder time in my life trying

    • Very interesting topic, Thomas. I really enjoyed how you wrote about empathy and reading literature. i also addressing this issue in a previous post, and I found it very fascinating. In particular, it was impressive to me that “the most important reason for our emotional engagement in literature is our empathy with others and our constant imagining and hypothesizing on possible developments in our interactions with them.” I found an article that relates to this topic which you could take a look at: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-me-care/. I look forward to reading more from you on this topic in the future.

  • Angelica,

    If found your post to be very informative. The argument in the possibility of life created within a lab or humans playing the role of God is very controversial. At this point in our lives, the discussion in the genetic modification of foods continues to be a heated debate topic. If genetically modifying foods are such a heated topic,…[Read more]

  • Cicely,
    I am happy that you brought up this issue. I am shocked to see the statistics that you brought up about Utah being the 5th highest nationally ranked state for teen suicides. I truly believe that the way to stop something sad or awful is to openly discuss it with a large group of individuals. I also believe that the school systems should…[Read more]

  • In many stages of our lives, we may either see a person or a group of individuals as attractive and this attractiveness may lead people to act like or conglomerate to a person or crowd. Every single person has

    • Thomas,
      I really enjoyed reading your post. I found your post interesting because it shed new light on fitting in and having a herd mentality. I found it intriguing when you said “However, the notion of fitting in, also referred to herd behavior, limits the mind’s potential to become open and wondrous in the way it is supposed to be. This nature of individuality is subtle to most individuals seeking acceptance and acknowledgement by other people.” I also think you would find this article (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/prescriptions-life/201310/stop-trying-fit-in-aim-belong-instead) interesting. It is about belonging instead of trying to fit in. I look forward to reading more of your posts on this subject in the future because it allows me to see a new perspective.

    • Thomas,

      I really liked your post about fitting in. I especially liked the featured image of the one black sheep in the herd of all the white sheep. I think that your post was very well written, and that it makes a great topic for your research paper. Here is a website for you to check out if you feel like it: https://www.simplypsychology.org/conformity.html It is interesting and has to do with your post. Thank you so much for sharing this, and I hope to hear more about this topic from you!

      Thank you,
      Sophia Gross

  • John,
    I am happy to see the quotes you presented in your post. I agree with the quotes “Stress is life”, and “Anxiety is the active feelings of losing control.” I know many people who suffer from anxiety and know that anxiety can be treated by medicine but at the same time, I agree that anxiety can be treated by our way of changing the way we…[Read more]

  • Max,
    This post is provides a thoughtful analysis on death, pain, and alleviating suffering. The concept of having the right to essentially kill yourself is a new concept for me, especially with regards to having pharmacists give you a lethal dose to take. I feel that this may carry controversy in the medical field, but this concept should be…[Read more]


    Fear, no matter the gravity or how big or small the discussion carries, prevails within many groups of individuals concerned about the wellbeing and independence of their own country and themselves. Fear and

    • I really enjoyed reading your article and think it raises many good points about our world today. I agree that people are blaming others that are of color or different religion for the fear and worry in America. When really it is much deeper and just an easy escape for their worry. I wonder if there will be a book written like Animal Farm about what is going on right now. What do you think?

    • I really enjoyed reading your post and I thought it brought up some very good points. I thought of the use of fear and how everyone blindly follows the government when they instill fear in a society about some subject or people. Do you foresee any changes in this kind of behaviour or do you think that this behaviour will continue until it becomes catastrophic?

    • Thomas, great sources and quotes! They related greatly to what you are trying to persuade . Your example of the the muslims and terrorists turned out to be a great supporting backbone of your statement. But I must say that I disagree with your statement that we shouldn’t let these “fears” change us, instead we should take advantage of these “fears” and pursue to become greater wether it is at an individual scale or as a mass population. Fear is a mental thing in my eyes, if we can turn to be more self confident and ignore desperation we would all be better off and have less to worry about. Overall great article, I enjoyed reading it !

    • Thomas, I really enjoyed reading your post about society. I truly think that it brings up a topic that isn’t talked about very much. This was very interesting, and I believe that to a certain extent this is very accurate. There is much fear of others in a society, and this is a link that may be intriguing for you to read if you are interested: http://time.com/4158007/american-fear-history/ It may help to explain the history of why we are worried to express opinions and personalities and views to others. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hello, Thomas. I really enjoyed your post on fear because it also reminds me our present time. I agree with Emma, I wonder if there will be a new Animal Farm written for our time. Orwell’s work is still relevant in today’s society. Thank you for your post!

  • Jenessa,
    Your post provides great insight on the view of fake news, and how it could surge into the future concerning social media and the advancement of technology. I believe that the notion of fake news has been exemplified and popularized by the Trump administration. I think that there will always be a sense of fake news roaming around politics…[Read more]

  • Jenessa,
    Your post provides great insight on the view of fake news, and how it could surge into the future concerning social media and the advancement of technology. I believe that the notion of fake news has been exemplified and popularized by the Trump administration. I think that there will always be a sense of fake news roaming around politics…[Read more]

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