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  • Kayla J, Juan M, & America D, I was so moved by your piece on Ending Domestic Violence. Its an issue that I think we all know is very difficult to erraticate. However, I know there are steps we can take to prevent or end it. I think you should include some of these in your writing. You’ve addressed the issue very well with lots of information, but…Read More

  • Hi Latrell, I am Johnny from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City. You’re poem is fantastic and stuck out to me right away because I am aware of the issue of pollution in our society; its especially bad in Salt Lake. A few of my friends even have Asthma .I think biking and walking are great ways to save our air, but I’m sure we…Read More

  • Luis, this is a verying interesting piece of writing. I think it was good how you talked about zoos in our society and also how we test our vaccines and different medical drugs on animals like mice for example. This is a perspective I have never paid much thought to. This is super interesting and I’d love to hear more!

  • Dashiell, this is a beautiful piece of writing. It really spoke to me. I loved every point you made in your post. I loved how you said ““Why America isn’t the greatest country anymore” examines the issues that we have in our nation as well as the great things we have done and the great things that we can continue to do.” because it’s true! I don’t…Read More

  • Branigan, I didn’t realize there was so much danger in youth sports. You hear all the time about how concussions are so prominent in football but you wouldn’t think youth sports as much as in the NFL for example. And football isn’t the only sport with consistent injury. Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, etc are all very dangerous. Here’s a cool list…Read More

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