• It begins with just me,

    alone, cold, pointless.

    The nights were dark,



    Then the sun rises.

    I meet them.

    Finally, I feel warm,




    Time elapses and months pass,


  • George Orwell highlights many themes in his dystopian literature that are concerning for the future of the world we live in. One of the largest concerns that he emphasizes is that all people are slowly losing

  • Wilson, this is intriguing! It truly is a beautiful car. It is evident that Lamborghini crafts their car with great precision and detail to an extent that is superior to other car makes. It represents luxury which is rare in our society. You normally don’t see multiple Lamborghinis traveling down the street at the same time, except for cities like…[Read more]

  • Johnny commented on the post, Comfort Zones 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Emma, this is fascinating! I am a person who typically has trouble stepping outside his comfort zone, but I want to have self confidence. You provide good, easy to understand examples that help the reader grasp your idea. I have one question and that is “How can we push people to take the first step outside their comfort zone?” As we all know the…[Read more]

  • Johnny commented on the post, Positive Mind 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Noemi, This is a very interesting point that I haven’t looked into as deeply as you have. It is a great mentality to keep in the back of your mind? How do you suggest we maintain a positive state of being when things get tough? Does mindfulness or the community around you play a role? Interesting concept, I’d love to further explore its vitality…[Read more]

  • Interesting topic you’ve chosen to discuss, Jada. I believe that you are indicting that students may have a hard time focusing during school because of either poor teaching styles or just a lack of interest in the topics being covered. I think that schools can increase attention of students by finding unique teaching styles like hands on a…[Read more]

  • Amani, this post is very intriguing and well written. Being a person who enjoys playing video games with others,I often see very young kids playing violet video games and I’ve been slightly concerned. I would agree with you saying that violent video games does have an impact on someones aggressiveness. I love the way you point out that violent g…[Read more]

  • There’s no doubt that after a serious and dangerous event, we begin to take safety extremely seriously. We saw this after November 11th, 2001. We saw it after the Hurricanes that hit in 2017-2018. And we see it t

    • This is an interesting topic, Johnny. I think that having protective measures such as TSA and people to research hurricanes are good, but I would rather see regulations on who can own guns and physical building security for schools. What is your opinion on having clear backpacks, metal detectors, and police in schools? In the future I would love to see more information on how people are reacting to these measures and if they impact the learning environment.

    • Johnny, I like that you brought this topic to light. The recent school shootings that have been happening are devastating and I’m glad to see them taking more precocious measures like “students wear clear backpacks.” But I also don’t think the best way to stop violence is to bring on more policemen with guns. It may feel safe but some it may feel like another person with a gun is entering the school which makes them feel even less safe. Here’s an article that I think you would like reading. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/04/this-is-also-gun-violence/556595/
      I like that you want safety in schools and I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Thank you for sharing your very interesting point of view on the topic, Johnny. Although I believe the idea of having transparent backpacks is a safe precaution to see what students bring on a day to day basis, I do not think it is the best way to secure the safety of students from gun violence. I personally believe that the best way to solve issues regarding gun violence is to place stricter laws on who is able obtain guns. That way students are not able to access weapons of such violence. One of the other points made is that teachers should be more equipped with weaponry by providing them with guns. I think this will only cause the issue to be worse due to accidental or purposeful deaths that occur with the nature of guns themselves. The other problem I see occurring with transparent backpacks is based on the self expression of students. Although it may seem like a minor inconvenience that students will not be able to full express themselves through their backpacks, I think the issue could be a large problem. Most children lose artistry with dress codes and uniforms and would not want to give up the only self expression that they have, which is backpacks. Even though transparent backpacks are not going to solve all of the issues revolving around gun violence in schools, it is very inspiring to see that the conversation about safety in schools has began.

  • Very interesting and broad question, David. Definitely looking at the bigger picture. I think this is a common question that everyone would like to know, but there’t no real evidence, just plenty of theories. I would definitely like to know my purpose in this world, however that’s something that we discover later in life, and not always at the…[Read more]

  • Interesting topic, William. This topic stood out to me because I think the ACT standardized test is a very unfair way to learn about how intelligent someone is. For example I have a higher than average GPA and I take rigorous courses; I would consider myself an outgoing student. However, my ACT score is much lower than a lot of other people’s…[Read more]

  • This is an aspect of uniforms that I never considered. It seems like more of a convoluted subject. I really never thought more of uniforms than being a standard thing for all students to wear to make the school appear more professional. Reading this post gave me a little enlightenment about different perspectives about the pros and cons of wearing…[Read more]

  • Question: Is social media good for our society?

    Social media is a convoluted subject about whether it has an overall beneficial contribution to the community. There are positive and negative aspects of social

    • maybe leave direct and specific examples of how each effect it has, or how it personally has affected you to give further insight to the reader

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