• Kayla J, Juan M, & America D, I was so moved by your piece on Ending Domestic Violence. Its an issue that I think we all know is very difficult to erraticate. However, I know there are steps we can take to prevent or end it. I think you should include some of these in your writing. You’ve addressed the issue very well with lots of information, but…[Read more]

  • Hi Latrell, I am Johnny from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City. You’re poem is fantastic and stuck out to me right away because I am aware of the issue of pollution in our society; its especially bad in Salt Lake. A few of my friends even have Asthma .I think biking and walking are great ways to save our air, but I’m sure we…[Read more]

  • Luis, this is a verying interesting piece of writing. I think it was good how you talked about zoos in our society and also how we test our vaccines and different medical drugs on animals like mice for example. This is a perspective I have never paid much thought to. This is super interesting and I’d love to hear more!

  • Dashiell, this is a beautiful piece of writing. It really spoke to me. I loved every point you made in your post. I loved how you said ““Why America isn’t the greatest country anymore” examines the issues that we have in our nation as well as the great things we have done and the great things that we can continue to do.” because it’s true! I don’t…[Read more]

  • Branigan, I didn’t realize there was so much danger in youth sports. You hear all the time about how concussions are so prominent in football but you wouldn’t think youth sports as much as in the NFL for example. And football isn’t the only sport with consistent injury. Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, etc are all very dangerous. Here’s a cool list…[Read more]

  • Mack this was a very interesting piece of writing. It always used to wonder why athletes would bother playing for a team, when they’re not getting paid and when they were not guaranteed to play at the next level. I strongly thought they should be paid until I realized that they are offered scholarships and are still required to take classes and…[Read more]

  • Johnny commented on the post, Ceramics 1 year, 2 months ago

    Amy, this is such a fascinating piece of writing and such a cool topic. I did not know how much of an impact ceramics has made throughout history. I have taken a ceramics class at judge along with at my old school and there is still so much I don’t know! I look forward to hearing more about ceramics.

  • Clara, This is such a cool topic you re writing about. I had no idea there was such thing as a fear of the number 13. It’s almost funny to think about. Looking at some of these previous comments and an observation I’ve made is that hotels and buildings usually skip from the 12th floor right to the 14th floor because of some people’s fear of the…[Read more]

  • If a loved one is or has gone through some sort of addiction you may recognize that it makes a large impact on the person suffering, but It also has a huge impact of friends and family of the one suffering from

    • Hi Johnny, I liked your post. I think it is very brave of you to write about addiction. lots of families struggle with helping someone who is addicted. I liked how you added into your essay that someone in the family has to step up and be a caregiver to the addicted person. I liked how you added that because it shows that addictions don’t just hurt you, they hurt everyone around you. https://www.bhpalmbeach.com/recovery-articles/impact-substance-abuse-and-addiction-families/ here is a website link to an article about the struggles within the family who is dealing with addiction.

    • I loved reading how addiction affects oneself and others. I think you did a pretty good job explaining that. I would love to read more about the possible solutions to help with addiction. How is our community dealing with our addiction issue?

    • This post did a very good job of explaining the effects of drug users on families and friends. I really liked the part where you discussed how someone has to step up and care for the abuser by providing them help in whichever means available and most effective. I think this was very well written but was missing a few aspects and parts such as the total effect on society, in my blog I explained this issue both in a multimedia presentation and several times on my blog. If you wish to read it you can using the link https://stopopioidabuse219602461.wordpress.com/

    • Hello Johnny, I enjoyed your article. The article perfectly summarized the affects of drugs to not only the individual undergoing substance abuse, but the caregivers/family associated with the individual. Your ability to capture this topic in a different perspective has helped me with my research and blog post about the destructive E-cigarettes, juuls. On my blog, I advocate for the prevention of juuls through communication and education. Your well examined description of drugs helped me open my eyes to the multiple reasons why drugs are harmful. You can check out my blog to gain more insight to this multi dimensional issue https://wordpress.com/view/freshpod.home.blog

  • When you think of addiction you may only correlate it with drugs and alcohol abuse. However, this is not the only type of addiction. Behavioral addiction is associated with a repeated behavior that causes harm to

    • Johnny, I find it very interesting that your writing about behavioral addiction because you never read about this type of addiction. It’s interesting that genetics play a role in the formation of this addiction. I can’t wait to see what you include in your essay about addiction.

    • I agree that addiction can go beyond drug use. I think that people need to treat other addictions as serious as they do with drug addiction.

    • Johnny, thank you for sharing! It’s really interesting to read about behavioral addictions because substance addictions are more commonly focused on. I found it fascinating to read about different types of behavioral addictions and how they are manifested. I would love to learn more about behavioral addictions and how they are started and can be treated.

  • Breaking the chain of addiction is by no means easy. Someone cannot cure their addiction purely by willpower, addiction is based on a skewed brain function; beating addiction is not because someone is flawed.

  • The word “addiction” is derived from a Latin term for “enslaved by” or “bound to.” Addiction creates a powerful influence on the brain that affects you in three different and distinct ways: craving of a

  • Kevin, great piece of writing! Our class also read 1984 and it’s such a great piece of dystopian literature. It was so cool that the government creates fake conscious and how citizens have to hide from their own thoughts and feelings from fear of the thought police! It’s a great read. Do you think Orwell was trying to warn us as readers that our…[Read more]

  • Chris, this is a very interesting post. I love the vivid descriptions and information about the reefs; it’s something I have never really put much of my thought into. This piece helped me learn about reefs so much more than I already knew about this topic. I did not know that they are deteriorating. I’d love to hear more about this topic and what…[Read more]

  • Branigan, hockey is most definitely a violent sport, similar to to football. It is not uncommon to end up with a concussion with the speed that the sport is played, the collisions, and the fights. I have never really associated hockey with CTE. I would love to hear more about this issue and what they do to resolve it.

  • Harvard Health- The first article I read was from Harvard Health which explained how addiction works and the cycle of addiction in the brain. It explained what things addiction include which extends further from

    • I found this article very helpful, as it broke down what addiction really was, in only a couple paragraphs. This post stated the facts and only the facts about the inner workings of addiction, the probability of being able to rid the addiction, and the most common substance that people are addicted to that people should stay away from. This response to the Harvard article mentioned is written very well and concisely, and I really enjoyed reading it.
      A couple of my classmates and I created a website discussing nicotine in the youth community, specifically Juul. This is our website: https://wordpress.com/view/boycottnicotine.wordpress.com

    • Dear Johnny:
      I found your article very helpful as it removed the stigma around addiction as being “a result of a lack of willpower.” You used scientific facts to support your argument which helps people like me who are researching on the topic of nicotine addiction, specifically, juul. I am thankful for your concise writing as it kept me focus. One sentence that stood out was “Nicotine is probably one of the most widely used addictive chemicals, especially in teen years.” This stood out to me as it relates to my research on Juul use in NYC among teens. Please check out our website to learn more about the main cause of nicotine addiction in New York City among high school students: https://freshpod.home.blog/

  • The play I chose was Shakespeare’s “Othello,” Act 4 Scene 2 lines 159-169.

    The character speaking is Emilia. She is very mad about how Othello treats his wife. He calls her a whore and then Emilia begins to

  • Arelly,
    This post was very intriguing to me however I have a conflicting opinion. I believe that online communicating should not be limited because it is a constitutional right, as stated in your introduction. I do not however disagree that cyber bulling and suicide aren’t huge issues in our society. I believe the proper approach we should make is…[Read more]

  • It begins with just me,

    alone, cold, pointless.

    The nights were dark,



    Then the sun rises.

    I meet them.

    Finally, I feel warm,




    Time elapses and months pass,


  • George Orwell highlights many themes in his dystopian literature that are concerning for the future of the world we live in. One of the largest concerns that he emphasizes is that all people are slowly losing

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