• Very interesting and broad question, David. Definitely looking at the bigger picture. I think this is a common question that everyone would like to know, but there’t no real evidence, just plenty of theories. I would definitely like to know my purpose in this world, however that’s something that we discover later in life, and not always at the…[Read more]

  • Interesting topic, William. This topic stood out to me because I think the ACT standardized test is a very unfair way to learn about how intelligent someone is. For example I have a higher than average GPA and I take rigorous courses; I would consider myself an outgoing student. However, my ACT score is much lower than a lot of other people’s…[Read more]

  • This is an aspect of uniforms that I never considered. It seems like more of a convoluted subject. I really never thought more of uniforms than being a standard thing for all students to wear to make the school appear more professional. Reading this post gave me a little enlightenment about different perspectives about the pros and cons of wearing…[Read more]

  • Question: Is social media good for our society?

    Social media is a convoluted subject about whether it has an overall beneficial contribution to the community. There are positive and negative aspects of social

    • maybe leave direct and specific examples of how each effect it has, or how it personally has affected you to give further insight to the reader

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