• As of the 2017-2018 school year, 17,894 homeless Chicago children and teens attend CPS schools. Data also shows that 2,041 of those homeless teens live on their own without a parent or guardian. We believe that

    • Hi Jaqueline!
      I think this is a real interesting topic. Hearing about the homelessness is Chicago is heart breaking and I’d love to hear more about it and find out how I can help! I found another cool website about this here: https://www.chicagohomeless.org/programs-campaigns/advocacy-public-policy/no-youth-alone/

      Best Wishes,
      Maggie Harmston (Utah)

    • Hey Jaqueline,
      I think you have a very interesting topic. This is a reality that no one really talks about. Homelessness alone is a problem in Chicago and it’s sad to hear students are also being affected. Having to deal with school work and after school activities is had enough we should help students in these situations so they’re sole focus is making a better future for themselves regardless of their conditions. I’d be interested in hearing your ideas on how to help with this problem.

    • Hey Jaqueline, this post is heartbreaking but interesting. I never knew the amount of teens that are homeless in Chicago. I love how you took the time to find this information and share in with us. Everything you said in this post stood out to me. I will look forward to seeing your future posts.

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