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  • Hi Jalyn, I found this very intriguing and compelling, that thousands of people have no potable water or normal water and yet we don’t hear about it. This issue is extremely important and we all need to speak up and get some help for the people in need for healthy and safe water, cause water is the source of life. Thanks for sharing this with us…[Read more]

  • I speak more than 5 languages at home without counting English and having the opportunity to speak more than one language is so beneficial, I get to choose what language I want to speak in and go to a country where they speak that language and not feel left out. Since French was my first language, learning other languages like Spanish is still a…[Read more]

  • I am more of an observant person and tend to observe every little detail about everything. I’ve always asked myself why do this, instead of doing this, but at the end, my “whys'” were never answered through

    • Dear, Jessica
      I agree with you that why do we always question ourselves but our whys” never get answered into we go thorough a lesson or learn something. However, I agree with you that life is precious, that were always complaining about our failures in life, and that we need to embrace ourselves we only live once and we should make the best out of it even though sometimes we go through tuff times. One reason I say this is because I always question myself “what is the purpose of living” and “why” I’m always scared of making mistakes in my life that I feel like it would impact me a lot. Thanks for your writing. I look foward to seeing what you write nest, because it really caught my attention of life and the purpose.
      Sincerely, Karyme <3

  • Dear Kimberly! I loved reading your post,in some ways i can relate to it, booth my parent are born in Africa but i was born in France and having to deal with my own identity sometimes it becomes harder. You also included friendship which is one of the main and important aspect of human kind. I came to an understanding that no matter where you were…[Read more]

  • I’ve always wounder if animals had soul but I never came to a conclusion or an answer to that inquiry. I came with my own conclusion that every being had a soul and everything that could breath, so animals for me had a soul. I concluded that based on many personal analysis with different animals. Reading this gave me more information to compare my…[Read more]


    What is love? Is it what we share when we look at each other? Or just any other feeling?

    I have always wonder how this world would be without love, love for me is something so powerful and so meaningful that

    • hello there:) I found your piece very comforting. I agree that love is incredibly powerful, I feel like humans wouldn’t be anything without love. I think that loving someone is a very vulnerable thing, because you are opening yourself up to someone, and you have to hope they accept you and cherish you and not break you. Love is scary but it is also incredible. Thank you for this read:)

    • I am interested in your post because I myself am very intrigued by this topic, love is such an important thing that each and every one of us should have a piece of. One thing you said that really stood out to me is, ” In this world we live in it’s difficult to show love to others, fear of being judged or mocked to be too soft or too carrying.” I find this to be quite sad because some people are scared to show their love and affection for someone. Thank you for sharing your post I look forward to what you write next because I love how you express your ideas and opinions.

      Samantha Lamas

    • Wow this post this post really got me thinking. I feel like there’s no clear definition for love but we all feel it and have a unique perspective to it. I’ve read other posts on this topic but your resonated more w me.

    • Dear Jessica:

       I am amazed about your publication “Unconditional love” because it makes me think about the love of what it means and what it means for this world without feeling that it is love and how people are at the moment of demonstrating it.

      One phrase that you wrote that is highlighted for me is “What is love? Is it what we have when we look at each other?” I think this is beautiful because we do not know if it is a feeling because we are all different at the moment to talk about love.

      Thank you for your writing I hope to see what you wrote next because your publications about love are nice


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    Believing in your self is one of the best thing one can do for its own good. Life is short and negative and repulsive thought about your self won’t do you better. This is a short and truthful statement that believing in your capacity can lead you to accomplish a lot in life.

  • This subject is one that stuck out to me, i feel like inequality exist in every aspect of life. whether is a political inequality, gender inequality or whatever people can find to discrimination against. The whole transgender dream have been a real challenge and struggle to many people If the idea of experiencing freedom of sexuality is still an…[Read more]

  • Dear Surako
    For one to be helped or seek for help they most know the the problem, meaning you can not help any one from an abusive relationship until they want you to do so. Many people hide their feelings because of “love” and that makes it hard for individuals like you and I to just interfere in their relationship.
    No one deserve to suffer for…[Read more]

  • Dear Lilian thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I always believed and still believe that migration is a big part of the geographic concepts, and issues we have in this world. First of all the causes behind migration are numerous with countless reasons that we all might ignore. My family migrated here in the United States to give me a better…[Read more]

  • Gary, I enjoyed reading your post and felt the need to take time and give some of my knowledge.
    Domestic violence is a terrible thing that could ever happen to someone, especially because it always comes from the ones we love. We often argue about this issues so consciously but still yet many women are been beaten to death, deprive from their…[Read more]

  • I just took your survey and as i was taking it, i had a pose for sec to think of where sexism is still prevalent and I couldn’t get an exact answer. For me, sexism is everywhere and although it is not everyone who exercise the same ideology,we can still fill the presence of it. I read this articles…[Read more]


     Am I ready ready for college?

    College​ ​confidential

    College applications and everything that goes in hand with the processes of transferring from high school to college is stressful.

    After gradu

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