• I played  Iago, in scene 1 Act 1. The impact of tone made me nervous but at the same time made me learn new way to talk or express my thought. I understand the character care for his master and his loving

  • Desdemona


    Father, this isn’t easy for me. I’m torn. I owe you respect because you gave me life and education. You’re the one I have to obey. I’m your daughter. But this man here is my husband

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    Thank you for sharing.
    I found your post very interesting and appealing, this is one of the critical topic most people try to avoid in this country and over time and time again we end up at the same start. Gun violence in America is not just a disease that needs to be cured but destroyed. We see so many children, teens, old people, I mean so many…[Read more]

  • Thanks for sharing this. I think the over all image of this is the differences between family and friendship, but I believe that friendship and family can also be one thing. One can a really strong friendship with his or her family. And we always consider our closest friends as family too, so there is literally nothing wrong with having both…[Read more]

  • The importance of education

    Education is considered as a human right and everyone should have the opportunity to be educated, but yet so many can not afford it to go college.
    Education is so important that as

    • Hello Jessica,
      I really enjoyed your piece on education. I especially agreed with your line, “So if we want change, we must educate each and everyone, for a better future,country, individual, economy and a safe and better environment.” Humanity as a whole can only progress when we have the means to do so. We need to be educated so we can make informed decisions and understand the world around us and the people around us. Here is a link to an article about why pursuing a higher education is so beneficial.
      Good luck with your research!

    • Jessica,
      I could tell house passionate you were about you topic, which was part of the reason I found it so interesting. After reading your article it made me disappointed in how expensive education is when its obvious how much we need it. Education is at the root of all change, and with everything going on in the world right now I believe we need all the great thinkers and change we can get. Your post made me think of the education and change that could help climate change. This article, https://en.unesco.org/themes/education-sustainable-development/cce , discusses the education that can go into teaching people and enacting change in our climate. Great post, I look forward to hearing more.

    • I liked it a lot because you talked about education, which is something very few people have and I learned many good things with your article very well.

    • I believe that education is important for everyone because that is the only thing help you in Career to become a successful man and that also try that some people can afford money in college so, I like your ideas and I agree with that

    • I agree that education is important and should be put at a high value. Without the education that I’ve been provided, I wouldn’t be able to read, comprehend, or compose a response to this. I’m a student at a charter school, so at times we have teachers who publicly complain about their pay. If you aren’t familiar with charter schools, they are tuition free schools who operate independently from the local public schools. Because they operate independently, they might not have the money to pay teachers efficiently. This often helps us find teachers who are truly there for the joy of teaching rather than for the money. Charter schools are given a hard time for the way they pay their teachers, but I find that I create real connections with my teachers and can openly talk with them without fear of repercussions. They have influenced me heavily to pursue my education as far and for as long as I can.

  • Hey Pablo, thanks for sharing this.
    Although racism has not been abolished or in other word eliminated, it has changed and has yet to come to an end. Today everyone has the right to go to any school they desire and no race bias is attributed, but yet people of color are still be preyed on and often discriminated against. We’ve still got lot to do…[Read more]

  • Hey Drew,
    I loved reading your post, this is one of the most critical and yet true story in our life time. We say everyone has freedom of speech but when practicing it, it becomes a problem of racism, police brutality and so forth. Protest by athletes by kneeling down has became a highlight during 2017 and it’s still an issue today. Kaepernick…[Read more]

  • Hey Zach! Reading this the first thing that caught my attention was this line “More people have been killed in the name of God than almost any other topic, and I find that to be massively shameful for the religious community”.As horrible as it is, this is a true statement. We see people doing harmful and shameful acts on the name of Allah and…[Read more]

  • Hey Fred! Thanks for sharing this, I’ve always though of how the system is so corrupt that only 1% of Americans hold the all the money in America. Inequality is seen everywhere, in work places, industries, offices and so forth but the most devastating of all the time is the economy inequality. While the middle class and working class are the one…[Read more]

  • Hi Mary! Your post elaborated both points of views with concrete arguments supporting your claims. Please use this https://www.nasa.gov/50th/50th_magazine/benefits.html as another resource, they have lot of information that can help you.
    Your post rose many questions of how we should try to help and save this world we have.

  • Hey Zach! I loved reading your post about the different form of racism present in our society. The explanations you gave, may help someone ignorant or clarify someone’s perception and understanding of the terms. For me personally I think racism is taught by ourselves and as we always say if you teach yourself to be a bad person so can you teach…[Read more]


    Education is considered as one of the important aspect of life, and a tool to a better life.Education plays a vital role to a productive, good life. It improves the value and excellence of one’s life as

    • I agree with this whole heatedly. No one should change as time goes on, our ideas and wants for the future should get stronger. If we as a nation can find a way to change this, then we can unlock potential never thought possible. I also have a lot of great memories from and school and people should work together to try and accomplish the same things for others.


    Should higher education be free for everyone?

    Should education be free? One of the most relevant and asked question in today’s world. We all have passionate opinions on this matter, some of us may agree

  • As everyone is unique and born with different talent, we all tend to do things that determines us in a way. Being an athletes, or just in a team, in a group or in any form of activity that involves group of people

  • As a child of an immigrant the believe of better life, better education is at heart in whatever we do. But the consistent fear of waking up the next day and finding yourself back to the beginning is haunting many of us. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Thanks for sharing this Kaly. We live a world where everything we do is judged by the outside and the inside is always not seen. Discrimination against the LGBT community has decreased through the past years, but it’s still an issue as we speak.

  • Death penalty became part of american justice system since the eighteenth century and until today, many countries practice this system. Some may argue that the death penalty is the best and efficient way to end

  • Technology is everywhere, I feel like we are 24/7 having an interaction with anything that is technology, whether is our phones, cars or anything that involves technology. In teens, phones are the number one

  • Thanks Sierra for sharing this, I enjoyed reading it. As an immigrant in this country I share the same perception as they do. America is an open place for opportunity and dreams, but that comes with a lot of hard work and dedication. Some people are more kind and open heard-ted to immigrants some targets Muslims by linking them as terrorist. At…[Read more]

  • Hello Sophie, I enjoyed reading what you posted and found it quite compelling how “technology affects the way we form friendships too” . Technology have been and is increasingly becoming a center of our lives, we become dependent on it and everything we do evolves around it. Although I know there are positives parts of having technology, but not…[Read more]

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