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    Thank you so much for reading my blog. I had a few questions for you based on your comment
    What made you change your mind?

      • Sideshows aren’t just illegal but are also fun. It is true there are cars going really fast in a circle that can crash, but it is also true that hundreds of people are together. A sideshow is like a car s

        • Josue,

          I am mind blown by your blog, “SideShows” because at first I thought sideshows were dangerous and didn’t think we should continue having them, but now that I’ve read your post it made me understand how important sideshows are to Oakland residents and how it’s a part of our community. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “…sideshows are a big thing in the Oakland community because it can bring everyone together.” As you also stated, it is a “social event” that helps the Oakland community to have fun and become united. Another sentence that I thought really stood out to me was: “…Sideshows are important because they build community.” This stood out for me because it shows how much sideshows have shaped the Oakland community. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your writing stood out to me and made me change my opinion about this certain topic. Again, thanks for sharing and I can’t wait til I read another one of your pieces of writing.

          • Thank you so much for reading my blog. I had a few questions for you based on your comment
            What made you change your mind?

            • Dear Josue,
              I think your post was good because sideshows are a part of Oakland in a way that the community enjoys them and spend a good time watching, they have fun and that’s part of the culture now. A line that stood out to me was “Sideshows build a community by congregating everyone together from different places. Also it can show how Oakland culture passes from its predecessors to future generations. Again, it’s showing Oakland that it can go out and have fun” because it does bring people together like people may not notice that it brings them together, we have to show them in a different perspective because all they may see is dumb people risking someones life but the people know what they are getting themselves into they have fun doing these type of things. I agree with your point about how its about showing off cars because cars are something to look at its beauty to some and for others is metal put together.Thanks for writing and keep up the good work wish you the best on your writing in the future.

            • Hello Josue!

              My name’s Xhitlali and I’m a student at San Jose State University. I was very intrigued by your post as I have my own set of beliefs in regard to side shows. I’ll admit- most of my views leaned more towards the negative aspects that comes with these shows. I’m a big fan of classic cars and classic car shows so it isn’t necessarily that I dislike the concept of cars and community, but I’ve always found that people are extremely reckless when muscle cars and speed get involved. In the quote regarding how one attendee feels you said “he explains that when he goes to the sideshows he goes to have fun. He also said that the sideshows is like another family that everyone knows him.” I think it’s great that people want to go out and have fun and it’s a very beautiful feeling when you feel you have a sense of family outside of the traditional household. My question for you is, do you feel there’s a way to incorporate this culture into society in a more safe way? I admire the passion people have for their cars, but am also aware that people often risk their lives (and the lives of others) trying to perform tricks that look cool. What are some recommendations you may have to ensure the safety of people attending these shows and performing the tricks?

              Thank you for your interesting post!

          • by Josue Mendoza This shadow box represents the dominant narrative and the counter narrative of being male and Mexican. So on the inside it is showing The counter narratives. But the outside is showing the

            • I thought the way you expressed what it is like to be a Mexican male was interesting and important. In Mexican culture it is common for men to be told to not show emotion, and I loved how you touched on that. Being able to identify as both a Mexican male and an emotional human is super important. I think the baby picture in your shadow box was a great element. The confidence you have will take you places and you should always keep the mentality that you can overcome any barrier. Good Job!

            • Dear Josue, your shadow box is very appealing, the color would attract anyone to it. I can tell that you tried to make your box a nice as possible because you even added a cloth flag. I love how you added a guarache because to me, it symbolizes all of the steps that mexicans have taken to fight back oppression and get to the place in society that they deserve. One sentence that stands out to me is: “Many people may believe that I am an immigrant or a male that can be unemotional. But what I really am is a Latino that is legal and emotional.” This stood out to me because you realizing that society is wrong when they push you to be this dominant unemotional being is super important in the path of connecting with who you really are. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because it seems like you have a very open-minded opinion about who you wish to be.

            • Hi Josue,
              I’m a student from San Jose State University. Your shadow box project is interesting as it introduced me to a new perspective and experience that is different from my own. It is awesome that you are comfortable with being emotional even when you face society’s dominant narrative that men are not emotional. I like how you said that you are proud of this characteristic you have. From the picture, I can see you wrote “toughen up” on the outside of your box which I think is good to include because it clearly shows the expectations you face. I would have enjoyed reading even more about the specific things you placed in your shadow box and what they represent, but overall you did a good job. Nice work!

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