• Leslie, this is the best article I have been reading so far! I highly agree on the two topics that matter the most, Immigration and Education. I love how every paragraph is connected to one another making your reasoning very strong. You talked about two heavy topics that are usually sensitive, but you made it very clear on what you’re purpose is.

  • Wow! That was such of an description of how we can fight against the violence in Oakland. Specifically on how you described on how their are multiple perspectives of outsiders thinking about Oakland. It is really important to include multiple voices because it lets the reader better comprehend your point. Also, you are tackling with a subject that…[Read more]


    Is it right to forcefully remove families out of their homes to improve the well being of the community’s economy and health? Well, some folks call it gentrification. Gentrification is when a certain land is im

  • Acceptance is key in

    order to succeed

    living life not following

    anyone’s needs

    Put the feud aside

    And let us be

    We are humans that live and breath

    A feud so idiotic

    When will it be logical

    to put a

  • This is such of an amazing and interesting article. I just love how firm you are and aware of what it trully means to actually be a “good person”. I completely agree with you in the part where you, Cheryl, confirmed, “In my opinion there’s no one way this can be an accurate definition.” Building off of this part, a lot of people define a good p…[Read more]

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    The art shown on my box is who I am, not the “wetback that is taking away jobs”. That’s a dominant story, which is what society sees when they see me or

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    I strongly agree onto the fact that stress could be a big problem into your life. But, it is important to manage it, which you clearly bring up. I would like for you to explore further onto this idea by being social or going out to places to release the stress. I have tried yoga in 6th grade which was fun trying and it definitely does help to get…[Read more]

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