• This is such of an amazing and interesting article. I just love how firm you are and aware of what it trully means to actually be a “good person”. I completely agree with you in the part where you, Cheryl, confirmed, “In my opinion there’s no one way this can be an accurate definition.” Building off of this part, a lot of people define a good p…[Read more]

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                               Josue Chavez


    The art shown on my box is who I am, not the “wetback that is taking away jobs”. That’s a dominant story, which is what society sees when they see me or

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    I strongly agree onto the fact that stress could be a big problem into your life. But, it is important to manage it, which you clearly bring up. I would like for you to explore further onto this idea by being social or going out to places to release the stress. I have tried yoga in 6th grade which was fun trying and it definitely does help to get…[Read more]

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