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    I agree, the video was very nice work though

  • This article brings up many good points. This warning is one that many teens ignore, and it is why many people get into car accidents. Although technology is a big part of our daily lives, we must set times where we stay away from it to focus on more important tasks. This post is written well and is very informative

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    I like how you compared vets to doctors and the gave examples by saying they do much of the same thing, but on animals. This is a good article for anyone looking into becoming a vet in the future

  • This post is very interesting. The big earthquake this year claimed significantly less lives than the one in 2010. Why do you think that is? I looked up the statistics, and they say that 250,000 people died in the 2010 earthquake compared to roughly 2,200 people this year. Although natural disasters happen frequently, many people in the US are…Read More

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    Will COVID Go Away On Its Own?

    Nobody, not even scientists know when or how the virus that causes COVID-19 will ever go away. According to the article, scientists believe that we will eventually treat the virus like the common cold, or we will become immune...

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    • The claims you made in this post are mainstream and supported well. Thanks to you, I have a better understanding of how the flu and COVID are different in respect to their constant mutation.

    • The points you are making about mutation are actually happening with the delta variant and some people are still getting and transmitting the virus despite vaccination. Here is an article about it.
      I think you should follow your article with some evidence in emerging news about the delta variant.

    • I like how you included a hyperlink to the article which could help me easily locate the article if I have any further questions. I enjoy how you provided information comparing it to a similar virus like the flu and compared and contrasted the two, showing how Covid is more contagious and mutates more. Thank you for breaking down the question and going in-depth to answer your question and provide the supporting evidence, now I have a better view of what is going on in the world currently.


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Will COVID Go Away On Its Own?

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