• JosieH

Hi Katie, I really enjoyed reading your blog post that explores the good that exists in social media platforms. In contrast to my own post, it reveals all the positive aspects of this tool, like the ability to connect with others, and more importantly, the voice it gives people...

Hi Kaileigh, I really enjoyed your post. What interested me the most was how you gave a time-line to the way Christmas has been continually commercialized through the years. I think that was a really interesting way to portray your idea that we must reconnect with the true meaning...

Dear Mary, I am intrigued by your post because it demonstrates the way social media has impacted the way we speak. You also describe the way social media has impacted us mentally and emotionally, especially due to the fact that we have the opportunity to hide behind our screens...

Dear Emily, your post really interested me because it demonstrates the idea that empathy is needed to build healthy and strong relationships, something I think society needs to pay attention to as social media continues to grow. I think it is important to not pay attention to only one...

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